Purdue Science Olympiad

Host of the Indiana Regional Tournament

February 13, 2016


February 13, 2016

Thank you for your participation at the Purdue Regional Tournament! The scores are now linked under the Past Tournament Results section down near the bottom of the page.

February 10, 2016

The Day Schedule has been updated. The coaches meeting has been pushed back one hour.

February 10, 2016

A rule clarification has been added for Food Science.

February 06, 2016

The tentative schedule has been updated. Experimental Design C has been moved from BRWN to BCHM. Building codes and the time and location of the awards ceremony has been added. A general day schedule has been added as a separate document until the Tournament Schedule section.

Event Sign-Ups: Event sign-ups are now open until Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 5:00PM. All coaches should have received an email with "ESUS" in the subject line with detailed information. If you have not received that email or if you have any questions, please contact Aaron Anderson at ander304@purdue.edu.

January 29, 2016

The tentative schedule has been updated with room numbers. Rule Clarifications for the trial event, Aerial Scramble, has been added. Also in the Rule Clarification section, approximate dimensions and photos for location of the flying events have been added. The parking information for bus pick up has been updated with important details; the campus map has also been updated to reflect these changes. Finally, additional information about trial events have been added to the Trial Events section.

January 22, 2016

The tentative tournament schedule has been updated with trial events and changes to events with online sign up in Division B.

Team Numbers and Homerooms: Please check this document for team numbers and homeroom numbers. Team members must know their team number prior to competing in any events. This has been updated since original posting on January 17, 2016.

January 17, 2016

A tournament-specific campus map has been added to the Campus Map section, and a trial event section has been added with the rules for the trial events we are hosting. Finally, a tentative schedule has been added to the Tournament Schedule section. Note that rooms are still to be announced. Please check back for further updates.

Wristbands: The 15 official team members will be given wristbands. All event coordinators will be checking for wristbands. Any student without a wristband will not be allowed to compete until they have a wristband.

January 15, 2016

Forms as well as parking information have been posted. The tournament schedule and a tournament-specific campus map will be posted when available.

Alternate Team Members: Due to space restrictions, each team is restricted to having at most 5 alternate team members. If a team is planning on participating with more than 5 alternates, please contact us, and we will see if we can accommodate them.

Campus Map

A campus map with locations relevant to the tournament, including bus parking, marked can be found here. For an interactive general campus map, please refer to the official campus map.

Parking Information

Cars: Most of the parking at Purdue is by permit on the weekdays but open on the weekends. You must check posted signs on each space to make sure that parking is allowed. Some of the parking garages are the Grant Street Garage, the University Street Garage, and the Northwestern Avenue Garage.

Bus Parking: Buses will park for the day at the Discovery Park lot. The parking lot is right adjacent to this address: Purdue Village Administration Bldg, West Lafayette, IN 47906. See map.

Bus Drop Off: Buses should drop students off at the Oval Drive along the curb by the Recitation Building (REC) or Stanley Coulter Hall (SC), where homerooms will be located. Buses must drop students off and leave immediately as there is no parking in this lot. The address to the drop off location is: Oval Dr, West Lafayette, IN. Refer to the campus map.

Bus Loading: Buses can go to the same location as Drop Off to load up materials before the award ceremony. After load up, buses must go back to the Discovery Park lot until after the award ceremony.

Bus Pick Up: Buses can stage along the outer yellow curb of Oval Drive on Memorial Mall. The first bus to arrive must pull all the way down in front of Stone Hall (STON) almost to State Street; do not stop at the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall (CL50). Other buses must pull up directly behind this first bus. Fire hydrants and ADA ramps must remain unobstructed. Only the first 15 buses will fit along Oval Drive. The remainder of the busses need to park on Marsteller Street, south of State Street. Teams can either walk over to them, or the buses can pull up into Oval Drive as space opens up. Do not park in front of Stewart Center (STEW) along Memorial Mall Drive.

Tournament Schedule

All event conflicts at this tournament are identical to those found in the schedule for the Indiana State Tournament. Schedule is considered tentative and is subject to changes.

Division B Schedule

Division C Schedule

General Day Schedule


The Code of Conduct, Team Roster, and Waiver Release forms must be completed and submitted at registration in Wetherill Hall on the day of the tournament, Saturday, February 13, 2016, for the team to compete in the tournament. The Photo Model Release form is for us to be allowed to take photographs of the teams, primarily for a slideshow to be shown at the award ceremony. Unless all members of a team complete the form, no individual of that team will be photographed. The Photo Model Release form will not affect eligibility to compete.

Appeal Form

Code of Conduct

Team Roster

Waiver Release

Photo Model Release

Trial Events

We will be hosting the following trial events. Anyone on the team, including alternates, are allowed to compete in trial events. Wristbands are not required to compete in trial events.

Each of these events will also be trial events at the Indiana State Tournament. Microbe Mission is set to be an event for next year, and Potions and Poisons is a strong contender to be an event for 2018.

Aerial Scramble B/C

Microbe Mission C

Potions and Poisons B

Trivia Time B/C

Rule Clarifications

All National and Indiana State rule clarifications will be followed at this tournament. Any rule clarifications specific to this tournament only will be posted here.

Food Science B

This event will not have an impound. Instead, teams will submit their notebooks to the event coordinator at the beginning of the event at 12:50pm. The notebooks will be graded and then handed back at the end of the event.

Flying Events

Wright Stuff C, Elastic Launched Glider B, Aerial Scramble B/C

All of the flying events are going to be held in the Armory. The approximate dimensions of the building is about 40 by 60 meters. The ceiling slopes down both sides; at its highest point, it is about 20 meters tall. Please refer to the following photographs: Photo 1 and Photo 2.

Aerial Scramble B/C

Event supervisors will provide 2 model airplane kits for each team competing. Superglue and modeling clay ballast will also be provided by the event supervisors for teams to use in constructing their planes. Each airplane kit comes with a rubber band; teams may elect to also bring their own.

Teams should bring their own log books (a single sheet of paper is acceptable). Teams who fail to present log books at the time of their official flights will be ranked behind all teams who did present flight logs (tier 2).

Teams whose planes do not fit the size, weight, and design specifications will be ranked in tier 2.

Past Tournament Results

2015 Wild Card: Division B | Division C

2016 Regional: Division B | Division C

What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization that hosts tournaments at the middle school and high school level; these tournaments consist of a collection of 23 events covering many topics in STEM. The general categories include: life, personal, and social sciences; earth and space sciences; physical sciences and chemistry; technology and engineering; and inquiry and the nature of science. This broad range of topics provides a suitable fit for any student interested in the STEM fields. The competition levels are invitational, regional, state, and national; schools may compete in many of these tournaments hosted throughout the nation. Purdue University is proud to host a Regional Tournament and support Science Olympiad.

About the Purdue University Science Olympiad Club

The Purdue Science Olympiad Club was initiated by previous Science Olympiad competitors who are devoted to supporting and increasing awareness of STEM fields for K-12 students. Progress toward this overarching goal is primarily achieved through hosting and supporting Science Olympiad competitions throughout the state of Indiana. As a club, we strive to provide fun and challenging opportunities to test students’ knowledge and help them become more engaged in STEM areas. In addition to bolstering support for STEM fields, the Science Olympiad competitions enables student to learn team-building skills and promote cultural awareness while maintaining the spirit of competition.


Tournament Director

Scott Nelson



John Hemmerling



Mufaddal Udaipurwala



Narci Huang