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Unearthing Entombing

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

After my recent adventures in autoconfiscation, I am planning a full-bore return to the entombing system update. Anyone interested in unrm, libtomb, etc. should stay tuned. I hope to have a test version out by next semester.

I hope that’s enough Google fodder that the interested will find this. I just Googled for “file entombing” and found mostly me talking about the previous incarnation with people.

To bring everyone up to date, I have tested a dynamic libtomb on Solaris using LD_PRELOAD, and it works, but I’d like to make it work on more systems (hopefully in some almost-portable way), and make it easier to configure, compile, and install- which autoconfiscation will help with, bigtime.

The dynamic version of the (debugged) old source can be used now, but the original source available over at npcguild doesn’t have the patch needed to make it work on modern Solaris, I think.

If you’re in a big hurry to use it now, let me know, else I should have some real news relatively soon. It’s about number three on my to-do list, and the other two should be done in June, so if I don’t get some motion on this this summer, I’m in trouble.

I’d shelved the project previously, hoping that the main file servers we use would move up to Solaris 10 to make testing easier. I’m still hoping. In interim, we can try it on the other ones, but nearly all our user files are on the ones still running Solaris 9.

Anyway, unrm fans unite! Let me know where else we need it besides Solaris 10…

Autoconf for tcp_wrappers

Friday, May 18th, 2007

I see people with binaries of tcp_wrappers that have a, but I don’t see the libtooled source anywhere. I looked around a lot, but maybe I missed it.

So I done did it myself. Turns out libtool and automake really are my friends! Wow. My first stab isn’t totally right. Rather than testing for everything, I biased it so it’d work on Solaris for me, but that should be relatively easy to fix. Most of the defines can be defined whether they’re needed or not.

The basic configure stuff, putting it in whatever directories you like, shared or static libraries, parallel builds, all works. I’m pretty happy so far. And it wasn’t even hard.

But did I need to do it at all? Is there a better source out there that I just couldn’t find? Dunno. Wrote the author to see what the official word is. Would like his blessing before I give this out anyway.

Once I finish all I can, I hope to get it out in the open where everyone else can get it (and fix anything that’s left). This is something that ought to Just Work.