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A Hit and a Miss

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Wow. Not to worry you or anything, but I just got hit by a car.

Not figuratively or as some sort of sexual innuendo. I mean I literally just got hit by a car. A girl just whipped through- well into- the crosswalk without slowing down much as far as I can tell. If I’d thought for a second she was really going to do that, I might not have stepped in front of her. No, I probably would’ve anyway.

My feet didn’t move, so I didn’t really fall onto the hood, but it was a pretty good tap directly to my left knee. She stopped quickly enough it didn’t get twisted or hyperextended, and now that I can see it, it’s not even bruised. I suppose if anyone can take a whack to the legs, it’s probably me.

She was contrite and I don’t think I’m hurt, but in retrospect I probably should’ve made a bigger deal out of it. I limped home thinking about that asshole judge in DC who’s suing his dry cleaner for tens of millions of dollars because he didn’t get his favorite pants back same day and with the satisfaction he was guaranteed. What a tool.

But… what if I really did screw my knee up and couldn’t walk three miles a day to commute? What would that cost me? Not millions, but it’d be a lot. And unlike losing your pants, there’d be real pain and suffering involved.

On the bright side, I’d have one more thing in common with House. Wait, maybe that goes in the “con” column.

We’ll see how I feel in the morning, but close examination says it’s fine, so I’ll happily let her off the hook if it’s that easy. Hope so. Otherwise I’d have to decide between settlement and vengeance, which sounds like a tough choice.


Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

So Mom asks if I can shoot some video at a family reunion. That sounds like a video project, which is Thing Three on my list of prereqs for buying a new camcorder. (The first two were a new computer and the price of HDV cams to get down to a grand.) So be it.

A little research shows that the only two contenders are the Canon HV20 and the Sony HDR-HC7. Reviewers like the Canon better, and from what I see, so do I. The Sony does a lot of its interface via a touchscreen- the same screen you use to see what you’re shooting. The floor model at Best Buy had a pretty good coat of grime on it. That alone is a turn-off.

So I priced the HV20 online and it can be had for about a thousand bucks (there’s Thing Two again) from several places. More interesting, Circuit City has it on sale for a competitive price ($20 or so more). Cool, let’s go! Sorry, they don’t stock that model at the Circuit Citys near here. I could overnight it from one of the cheaper places and still beat their price. The sooner I have it hand the better, though.

So I went to Best Buy to look at their floor model while I decided where to order it from, when the clingy salesguy asks if I need anything. So I ask if they’ll price match the red place. Sure. Considering they won’t match the price for out-of-stock items, I was surprised they’d do that for something the competitor doesn’t even stock. But, OK. And I get Best Buy Rewards too.

So now I’ve got a month to learn a new camera. Sounds like fun. More fun than the real video will be, probably. That just means I’ll have to shoot more stuff.