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Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Some time ago, I replaced the drive in my ReplayTV with a larger drive. It never worked right. I couldn’t do two things at once. It could record, or play, or transfer files, but doing any two would cause it to skip or (gads) crash. The drive I used was a Maxtor 250GB that passed all sorts of diagnostics, but the Replay didn’t like it. I used it anyway and worked around the problems it caused.

So this year I decided to try a Seagate DB35. These drives are supposed to be specially made for use in DVRs. I picked up a 750GB one from The Nerds. They had about the best price and came highly recommended.

The drive showed up Friday, so I had all weekend to abuse it. Results? It’s fandamntastic. It’d be enough if it just got the Replay back to working normally, but I’m sure that it’s even better than new. My other Replay still has its original (40GB!) drive, and it loads its much smaller list of programs more slowly than this thing does.

For testing purposes, I set DVArchive to downloading a bunch of files (2 at a time, 500KB/s) while I recorded some movies, while I was watching recorded programs. I did this for a few hours and then went back and watched one of the movies recorded during that time period (while still downloading and recording something else) to see if there were any glitches. Nope, didn’t miss a beat. Of course, that’s how it’s supposed to work, so don’t be too impressed.

OK, I’m sold. I decided to get another one for the other Replay. So I went back to The Nerds, and, guess what? The price has dropped since last week! I think I saved more by waiting than I would’ve in shipping ordering them at the same time. (Would’ve been cheaper to buy them both today, though.)

Anyway, if you’ve got a ReplayTV, I say go for it. I record more TV than you do, and 750GB is a lot. Not as much as I have spinning in my DVArchives by far (you don’t even want to know), but it’s a lot. You’ll love it.