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Alien Attack?

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

So last night I’m watching “Saturday Night Live”, and during “Weekend Update” the satellite signal goes out. This stinks in myriad ways because I’m not watching it live- I’m DVR-slipped by about 40 minutes. I check the rest of the recording, and it’s black.

I check the current sat signal level and it’s 0. Not good. I check all the cable in the house and look out windows to make sure everything’s still attached. Yep. I put on my coat and walk outside to get a better look (winter coat + night shirt = très séduisant) and everything looked fine.

But no signal.

So I figure it must be the weather, although it didn’t look bad out and that doesn’t usually drop me to zero. So I check my weather radar display and it doesn’t show anything. Then I realize that it isn’t showing anything. Wait- I’m not getting satellite TV and I’m not getting weather data from… satellites! Are we under alien attack?!

I did flip through some cable channels, and they seemed to be working, and Headline News didn’t warn me about Martians- though Nancy Grace was on. Why do they show shows on Headline News when they’ve got regular CNN for that? Anyway, nobody else seemed to be having trouble, so I let it ride.

I did have a cable channel go out too, but I’m wondering if someone messed something up because of DST. Besides, channel 4 is often unreliable. And I probably shouldn’t have been trying to watch “Cheaters” anyway.

This morning (well, afternoon, it’s Sunday), I got up and the sat was coming in fine. Like there was never a problem.

Them aliens is sneaky.