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Get Your Superbowl 3-D Glasses!

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Just got my Superbowl / Monsters vs. Aliens / “Chuck” / SoBe Life Water / Intel / InTru 3D / NBC / ColorCode 3-D glasses. Yes, they have more logos and URLs on them than a stock car, but the last one is worth a note: these are ColorCode glasses!

I don’t expect that to mean anything to you, but the short form is that if you’ve got glasses around the house from a comic book or DVD they aren’t the right kind. As far as I know, the only wide deployment of ColorCode was for the Japanese disc of Ghosts of the Abyss (the US one isn’t in 3-D).

Most anaglyphic glasses you’ve seen are red and cyan. ColorCode glasses are amber and blue. Proponents argue that this provides for better color fidelity and a less obnoxious image if you don’t have the glasses on (a feature for broadcast TV). That’s because you can’t see the amber image well- kind of like if you print something yellow on white paper with your printer.

Personally, I’ve always thought the problem with red/cyan glasses is that the red eye is much darker than the cyan one. The imbalance is about 70-30, which is a problem.

Glasses that were green and violet would be 59-41, which sounds better to me. Blue/amber is like 11-89, so that seems like a step in the wrong direction, but they’re right about not seeing the amber fringe, and the view through the amber eye is largely unobstructed.

But is it worth being blind in the other eye? Now that I’ve got a bunch of them, guess I’ll try it for myself and find out.

If you got to SoBe’s website, you can see a list of places to get the glasses. I got mine at Target from a sample guy.