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Monster of an Event

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

OK, I’ve watched the 3-D package a couple of times. The process looked dark and ugly, as anaglyphs tend to. It was hard to tell from the material how effective the process is. The ColorCode demos online were better, but they didn’t have to get filtered through an analog transmission to get to me.

But it was a good attempt. We’ll see how the viewers and critics weigh-in over the next few days.

I’ve got a couple things to chime in on though:

SoBe called it the first 3-D TV ad. Maybe, depending what you count. I’d have to count the Superbowl ad for Coke from, what 1990? It used the Pulfrich effect, so some people wouldn’t count it, but I think we should. Enough Pulfrich movies and videos have been marketed as 3-D- even ones that weren’t well done (like a shelf full I have from Thailand).

DreamWorks marketing tried to pitch it as the first “3-D trailer to premiere during the Superbowl” in the ads for their ad, which is true, I guess, although most 3-D movies have them these days, though only for theatrical display. Some did even in 1953. I’ve got some in my collection.

More interesting is that several 2-D movies have had 3-D trailers. One of Albert Brooks‘ movies did, for instance. So did one of the Star Trek movies. I’ve got those around here somewhere too.

I’d like to see the SoBe ad in a better process to get a good look at it. Maybe they’ll run it in theaters too.

I’m way behind on “Chuck”, so I might not watch it right away, but I’ll make a good recording for future review. The scenes looked pretty good.