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Magnavox Loses

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Turns out the Magnavox won’t play any discs now. It’s going back. Haven’t decided yet whether to try another one or take the money and run. Would kind of like to have a second BD player- especially with the new room coming online soon (not to jinx that…)- but I can probably wait a couple of months.

We Have Ignition!

Friday, January 29th, 2010

So Monday night it snowed. And it snowed around the foam shoved in the third floor window frame (where a huge window is supposed to be). Yes, it was pretty cold and drafty in here. And the stairs got wet. Again.

Well, that was pretty annoying, so when I got home Tuesday, I was glad to see the newly reconstructed window had been installed. Hurray!

I went upstairs to see what other progress had been made and found that the re-established window (that had been converted to a door in the past, and then reconverted back to a window by us) was also in place. Still freaking cold in there, but it’s a start.

Continuing upstairs, I found- get this- my screen is finally up and the right speaker bracket is mounted. Not really where I wanted it, but we’d discussed before that that might be a structural problem.

So, wow, I can actually throw a picture at something that can take it. I fired up the RS2 and made a few adjustments. It’s going to need some fine-tuning, but, man, oh, man. It’s big and crisp and almost too bright. And I’ve got the projector in dim mode.

Tonight I wired up the rest of the speakers. The left and center brackets aren’t up. We don’t want to put up the left one until we’re sure where the right will be (so they’ll be symmetrical). The center wasn’t up because I hadn’t unboxed it yet. I put the speakers on the floor (or on boxes if the wires didn’t reach).

Took a few trips through the menus to get all of them live on the Denon, but now they all sound off properly. Not that I could use them all from DVD anyway.

But wait! I have a second BD player! I dragged the infamous $78 BD player up to try it out. I’d rather not put the Oppo up there until I can really use it. And it’s harder to move since it actually has mass.

At first, the Magnavox worked fine. I fired up S&M to check the video, and all was well until it appeared to freeze up. I powered it off and tried some other discs, but it acted weird and made some very analog looking noise- even though it’s only hooked up HDMI.

I guessed the cable was loose, and reseating it seemed to fix it. I got S&M up again and ran through all the test patterns.

Then I tried the AIX audio test disc. The Magnavox refuses to play it! Ain’t that a bitch?

I’ve messed around up there enough for one night- I’ve got other things to do- but I’ll revisit that.

Anyway, looks like we might have a working room soon. I wouldn’t start holding your breath yet, but there’s a slight chance we might actually have satellite or cable up there in a week or so. (Hmmm….)