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To Serve and Project

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

I finally have ordered parts for my fileserver. Hey, it’s only about a year overdue. This is mostly for backing store for the DVRs (if that sounds silly, you have no idea how much DVR I have) and to back up the other machines.

Might also put it on some screening room duty, but I’m already having noise issues up there from the air handling, so I think, for now, it’ll stay down in the basement and telecommute. I did get it with HDMI, though, so maybe later, though I thought I’d just get a small machine to go up there as a playback/DVR machine.

I really should replace the firewall. It’s slow enough that my network speed at home is compromised. (It really is a 486 or K5 or something.) Kind of figured I might put the current mail/web server on that duty and get a new one of those.

Watch this spot for the exciting build details! ‘Cause I know y’all love watching memtest86 run for hours on end…