Because It’s in Surround, It Turns Me On…

I will reveal a secret that I probably shouldn’t. If you have surround sound on a DVD-Video or DVD-Audio (better, and this may be your chance to find out if your machine will do it) player, run out and get the 2-disc version of The Beatles’ Love. Make sure you hold out for the 2-disc version. It’s in a thicker cardboard box, not a jewel case. It’ll probably cost more than you’d like and you might have to wait for it if you order it from somewhere, but it’s worth it.

Now take that DVD and play it in surround sound to show your friends how badass your system is. If they want to borrow it, lend them the CD from the box instead. They’ll go crazy wondering how you got so much cooler than they are.

Only one of my disc players is a DVD-A player as far as I know. I’m certain my other Oppo isn’t. Guess I should try the rest of them now that I have a bunch of DVD-As around.

All the DVD-As I’ve seen include DVD-V content too, and it’s good, but the bitrate is way lower. Whether that makes much difference depends on your hardware, your ears, and the content. The Downward Spiral is considerably crunchier in DVD-A (or SA-CD) for example.

I’ve been buying up a bunch of multi-channel music lately and have only begun to listen to it on the new system. “Love” gives good demo, that’s for sure. And it has a much wider appeal than Trent Reznor screaming about suicide (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

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