LG BP335W 3-D WiFi Blu-ray Player

For a while now, i’ve been keeping an eye open for a sub-$100 BD3D player. I’ve got a really nice Oppo I use for everything else, and that seemed like a nice stopgap until I wanted to get a newer one.

About a month ago, a contender appeared. H.H. Gregg, a regional chain, starting offering the LG BP335W for $64.99. Since then, I have seen them at similar prices in other stores including Walgreen’s(!). So I got one to try out.

I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to, but the two shortcomings are the obvious ones you can see by looking at the back of the device and may not worry you:

It only has HDMI out. No analog audio or video. Just one HDMI port. Good thing about that is it makes testing audio and video quality completely meaningless- that’ll totally depend on your other devices. Bad thing is that if you’re not running all-digital, it’s not for you.

It only has WiFi. No wired ethernet. This is a problem for me- or would be if I wanted to use any of the networking features. Might be OK for you if you have fast enough WiFi within reach of your TV. Since everything else attached to my display has an Ethernet jack, my A/V system is hardwired and the house WiFi doesn’t reach that far, so I probably won’t be testing any of the network features.

It has one more port on the front: USB. It will apparently play many types of data files from external devices. I will test this more as soon as I get a chance.

It plays CDs, DTS-CDs, all region-1-playable DVDs (including PAL) upconverted to 1080, BDs, and BD3Ds. It does not play VCDs, SA-CDs, and DVD-As. It’s supposed to handle all recordable versions of CD/DVD/BD but I only tested CD-R and DVD-R.

Remote is small and unlighted (so useless to me and others with dark rooms), but the range seems decent (15′ away was no problem). Included battery was pretty much DOA, but I replaced it with a new AAA and it works OK.

More later…

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