Neither “Good” nor “Rich”, I’m Guessing

Previously, I wrote about an experience at a local cinema where the 3-D was being projected incorrectly. That was, I believe, only the second movie they’d shown there, so I cut them some slack. I haven’t had any trouble since on any of their (now three!) screens in quite a few showings. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I went to see Green Lantern (I know, it was T’s birthday and we had movie cash) and they blew it again. One of the trailers they ran was for Transformers, and the stars in the background were in the foreground. Not a good sign.

I gave it the parallax test (ironic, considering the movie, turns out), and decided the trailers were wrong, but maybe the feature would be right. Nope. The movie starts in space too, and the stars were popping out of the screen. I turned my glasses over and told T to do likewise. She didn’t for some reason, but she didn’t barf on me. Didn’t see the movie in 3-D either of course, but didn’t barf.

If you happen to see the movie, you can experiment during the end credits. The stars are well in the background and the lettering is all way out. The early part is animated and swooshes around impressively, but even the roll after that is in 3-D. Of course by then, you may have seen the rest of the movie wrong.

I sent some “feedback” on GQTI‘s website. I’m not sure how effective that will be. I’ll let you know. I suggested they add a test pattern to the pre-show stuff so everyone (and hopefully someone on their staff) can see whether the glasses are working right. I’ve seen several of these used on video, and they’re very helpful.

Until then, if you’re at a 3-D screening, pay attention to what you’re seeing, especially if it doesn’t feel right. I don’t want you barfing on me either.

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