That’s How We Get Down For the Holidays!

When was the last time you heard some new, good, holiday-themed pop music? I mean, we get a lot of embarrassing stuff that never seems to die. It’s enough to make you give up.

But don’t! Target has a present for you, and, trust me, you want to open this early.

Just don’t blame me if you get that Blackalicious song stuck in your head. You’ve been warned.

2 Responses to “That’s How We Get Down For the Holidays!”

  1. ajk says:

    Not bad, which is high praise from someone who can count on one hand the Christmas songs he’ll tolerate. That mash-up of “Our House” and “Jingle Bells” (I know, not really a Christmas song — actually Thanksgiving as my six-year-old pointed out) isn’t bad, but boy does it grate after repeated listenings.

  2. cms says:

    I’m a little tardy to the party. There’s still snow out there though so I think winter discussions are still fair game.

    Rudolf the Red Nosed Raindeer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, for better or worse, but some of these aren’t half bad.

    If nothing else it’s an interesting collection of bands.
    Coconut Records is Jason Schwartzman from Rushmore.
    Best Coast is one of the new up and coming artists of 2010.
    Guster used to be Gus. I guess they are trying to break into the mainstream.

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