The Heighth of Fashion

Here is the pinnacle of the televideo arts, oh my brothers. Grab thy joysticks and viddy all, good and proper. Not only can you play all your grahzny old 2600 carts, but some flip horrorshow new ones as well.

This is supposed to be all the Atari 7800 cartridges (and then a couple). The ones I have are marked with an `x' in the first column. The original list is, as always from Dean Dierschow.

    Manufacturer    Number       Name
    Absolute        AP-044       F-18 Hornet
    Absolute        AM-039       Kung Fu Master
    Absolute        AV-045       Pete Rose Baseball
    Absolute        AV-047       Super Skateboardin'
    Absolute                     Title Match Pro Wrestling
    Absolute        AV-046       Tomcat F-14 Flight Simulator
    Activision      AM-050       Double Dragon
    Activision      AM-049       Rampage
    Atari           CX7846       Ace of Aces
    Atari           CX7855       Alien Brigade
x   Atari           CX7802       Asteroids Deluxe
x   Atari           CX7815       Ballblazer
x   Atari           CX7859       Barnyard Blaster
    Atari           CX7880       Basketbrawl
x   Atari           CX7801       Centipede
x   Atari           CX7821       Choplifter
    Atari           CX7838       Commando
    Atari           CX7836       Crack'd
x   Atari           CX7844       Crossbow
x   Atari           CX7837       Dark Chambers
    Atari           CX7811       Desert Falcon
    Atari           CB101196     Diagnostics Cartridge
x   Atari           CX7803       Dig Dug
x   Atari           CX7848       Donkey Kong
x   Atari           CX7849       Donkey Kong Jr.
    Atari                        Eidilon, The
    Atari                        Electro Cop
    Atari           CX7854       Fatal Run
    Atari           CX7851       Fight Night
x   Atari           CX7804       Food Fight
x   Atari           CX7805       Galaga
x   Atari           CX7829       Hat Trick
    Atari           CX7862       Ikari Warriors
    Atari           CX7832       Impossible Mission
x   Atari           CX7857       Jinks
x   Atari           CX7806       Joust
x   Atari           CX7822       Karateka
    Atari                     NR KLAX
    Atari                        Lode Runner
    Atari           CX7850       Mario Bros.
    Atari           CX7863       Mat Mania Challenge
    Atari           CX7847       Mean 18 Golf
x   Atari           CX7875       Meltdown
    Atari           CX7889       Midnight Mutants
    Atari           CX7852       Motor Psycho
x   Atari           CX7807       Ms. Pac-Man
    Atari                        Night of the Ninja
    Atari           CX7870       Ninja Golf
x   Atari           CX7824       One-on-One Basketball
    Atari           CX7868       Planet Smashers
x   Atari           CX7808       Pole Position II
    Atari           CX7834       Realsports Baseball
    Atari           CX7816       Rescue on Fractalus
x   Atari           CX7809       Robotron: 2084
    Atari           CX7879       Scrapyard Dog
    Atari                        Sentinal
    Atari           CX7826       Summer Games
x   Atari           CX7828       Super Huey
x   Atari           CX7823       Touchdown Football
x   Atari           CX7856       Tower Toppler
    Atari           CX7831       Winter Games
x   Atari           CX7858       Xenophobe
x   Atari           CX7810       Xevious
    Froggo                       Pyromania
    Froggo                       Scrapper Story
    Froggo                       Tank Command
    Froggo                       UFO
    Froggo                       Water Ski
    Harry Dodgson                7800 Monitor Cartridge