Playing With the Boys

Nintendo has made a line of ever-improving and compatible game machines in the Game Boy line. These include Game Boy, Super Game Boy (an add-on for an SNES), Game Boy Pocket (just like the original, but smaller and lower power), Game Boy Color, and now Game Boy Advance.

All games work up the line (GB(P)/SGB to GBC to GBA). Some also work lower down the ladder.

Games enhanced for Super Game Boy have color tables, optional backglass graphics, and in some instances completely different programs that run on the SNES instead of on the Game Boy in the SGB. When played on any Game Boy, they work fine. When used with a color machine, the color table is used. I think. A game marked in both the GB(P) and SGB columns has two separate versions on the same cartridge.

Some games that take advantage of the GBC work on both GB(P) and GBC. These are marked ``enhanced for GBC'' instead of ``only for GBC''. There aren't many of them. Most Game Boy games manufactured in the last few years don't work in the monochrome Game Boys. If a game's enhanced for GBC, it'll be in both the GB(P) and GBC columns in the table.

Allegedly, there are new games that use the new features of the GBA but also work in the older machines. I haven't seen one yet. They'd be listed in multiple columns too.

Title Company GB(P) SGB GBC GBA DS 3DS Link Share
Atari Anniversary Advance Infogrames? GBA
Batman: The Brave and the Bold WB Games DS
Boxxle Pony Canyon GB(P)
Bust-A-Move 4 Acclaim GB(P) GBC ?
Bust-A-Move DS Majesco DS 5 yes
Bust-A-Move Millenium Club Acclaim GBC ?
ChuChu Rocket! Sonic Team GBA 4 yes
Daedalian Opus Vic Tokai GB(P)
Dr. Mario Nintendo GB(P) 2
Flipull Taito GB(P) 2
Hatris Bullet-Proof Software GB(P) 2
Krazy Racers Konami GBA 2? no
Millipede / Super Breakout / Lunar Lander DSI Games GBA
Missile Command Accolade GB(P)
Namco Museum Namco GBA
Namco Museum DS Bandai Namco DS 4 4
The New York Times Crosswords Majesco DS 4 4
Oddworld Adventures 2 Oddworld Inhabitants GB(P) GBC
Pilotwings Resort Nintendo 3D
Pong / Asteroids / Yars' Revenge DSI Games GBA
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Nintendo DS
Puyo Pop Sega GBA 4 yes
Qix Nintendo? GB(P) 2
Revenge of the Gator Hal America Inc. GB(P) 2
Space Invaders Nintendo? GB(P) SGB
Super Bust-A-Move Taito GBA 2? yes
Tetris Nintendo GB(P) 2
Tetris Attack Nintendo SGB ?
Tetris DX Nintendo GB(P) SGB GBC ?
Yars' Revenge Telegames GB(P) ? GBC

There's no link connection on the SGB (there's apparently one on the Super Game Boy 2, but I don't have one of those), so you can't use it for multi-player games even if the game does it. Only the GBA can share games.

I'm going to update this table more thoroughly when I get my SGB out.

Games I'm planning on getting: