At the Purdue Chapter, academics are the first priority in fraternity life. There are standards that all brothers in the chapter must meet, which ensures that Acacia maintains a good relationship with the college as well as alumni. This is highly achievable because all Acacia brothers are offered everthing they need to succeed academically.


Acacia Scholorship Outreach Program 2010

Acacia Fraternity, located at 608 Waldron Street on Purdue's campus, is an organization founded on the pursuit of knowledge and leadership. In that spirit, Acacia is awarding several $500 scholarships to qualifying incoming freshmen men at Purdue University. Applicants are evaluated through the application and an interview based upon the values of our organization. These values include academics, human service, and extra-curricular involvement.

Acacia Fraternity Scholarship Application

Scholarship Offerings:

Many of the scholarships offered by the scholarship chair at Acacia are accesible to all brothers, and always take academic standing into account. The scholarship available to incoming Freshmen is detailed above.

Scholarship Chair:

Scholarship is so important to Acacia Fraternity that there is a house position specifically dedicated to ensuring all brothers have an equal opportunity to score high marks. This brother is responsible for hosting study tables twice a week, which are open to all brothers but required for those who have fallen below chapter standards. The scholarship chair also distributes pertinant scholarships to all of the eligible brothers, and can also offer incentives for good scores on exams or tests, such as gift certificates. Academics also play a heavy role in the chapter point system, as well as incentives offered by the alumni advisors of our chapter.


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