June 2014
The mission of the CRL-Collab is to generate knowledge discovery, representation, and transfer of computing solutions for understanding, communication, and learning.

Computing can allow new forms of representational media that is nowadays essential for the analysis and design of solutions to modern technological needs; however, its potential for effectively mediating, scaffolding or hindering other forms of representations, has been understudied. For instance, for individuals to effectively use representations they require the ability not only to produce, read, manipulate, interpret, and reinterpret models, but also to comprehend equivalences in different modes of expression and to learn, transform, and apply information from one representation to another. Research is therefore needed to identify new forms of representations, easier ways to create representations and the effectiveness of these for individuals’ meaning-making and reasoning through the use of representations.
Our Research Goal

is to create new forms of meaningful representational media that can support not only new forms of communication, learning and understanding, but also to find new ways to decipher and describe how those happened. Our rationale is that through the analysis of these information we can then propose strategies, hints and scaffolds to better support the use and generation of representational media for effective communication and learning. Generating such solutions can enable access to resources and tools anytime and anywhere.