English 106: Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition

Division 29; Section 01

Pre-Writing Assignment

As we’ve discussed in class, pre-writing is the training grounds for good paper ideas. Most students think it is easier to just begin writing a paper without any forethought as to the topic or its construction, however, you will find that pre-writing resolves many of the problems that even extensive revisions cannot resolve.

You will turn in three pages of at least two different formats of pre-writing (clustering, brainstorming, notes, free writing, dream writing, etc.). These pages do not need to be typed, nor do they even need to be neatly prepared. They do have to show that you have begun thinking critically about what your Literacy Narrative is going to be about and why this specific literacy is significant to who you are as an educated and advanced student.

Due: Friday, August 31st at beginning of class.