English 106: Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition

Division 29; Section 01


The major project for the 2nd segment of Writing Your Way through Purdue will be a profile of an organization, or person of importance within said organization, affiliated with the school, which you will either advocate for or against. You may choose an advocacy group in particular, but it is not necessary. What is necessary is that you give a detailed profile of an organization on campus and that you depict your attitude toward this organization in the way it is presented. We will be reading several advocacy pieces (from point–counterpoint to editorial essays) to help you get a sense of the different tones and shapes advocacy can take.

The project will include different components made up of the various forms of rhetoric to be covered in class. These forms include: profiling, advocacy, rhetorical image composition, design planning, and interviewing. You may choose any format to represent your chosen organization (such as a pamphlet, poster and essay, PowerPoint and lecture, website, etc.) so long as it has a visual component and an approximately 1,200 word written component.

You will be expected to create a design plan and conduct an interview with someone from the organization or associated with it in some capacity. The design plan and your questions for the interview will be turned in prior to the Profile. The design plan will address the organization you intend to profile, your feelings about the organization, and the strategies you will use to represent that organization in light of your opinions. The interview questions will need to cover a variety of topics and support their purpose, that being to gain information about the organization not otherwise available through research.

Design Plan and Interview Questions Due: Friday, October 5th, at the beginning of class.

Profile Due: Wednesday, October 24th, at the beginning of class. The Profile counts for 20% of your final grade.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about profiles as you begin to write: