English 106 Syllabi

Below you will find information on the courses I have taught at Purdue University. Links to course websites are provided where available.

English 106: Introduction to Composition

Course Description

English 106 is an entry level course dedicated to the development of effective and efficient writing, composition, and rhetorical skills. In this course students will be engaging with and creating texts in a variety of formats, ranging from the traditional academic essay to visual mediums such as posters, brochures, web-pages, and any other template which maximizes their ability to express their ideas. Students use varying composition formats to represent themselves and their own perspective of Purdue University.

English 106 is a required class for all incoming students because it provides a skill-set that is essential for their success at Purdue and the careers for which a university education is intended to prepare you. Their work in this course is aimed to instill a range of skills: successful writing through effective planning, drafting, revising, editing, citation, and organization; comprehensive analysis and interpretive capabilities; understanding their rhetorical position as author and audience; and finally a composition style both effective in its mechanics, structure, and voice to increase their credibility and effectiveness as an writer.