Observations and Evaluations

Below is a collection of peer and professional evaluations in addition to select anonymous student evaluations. All links are to PDF's.


Professional Observation from the Fall of 2007

Compiled by Linda Haynes, a Teaching Mentor in the Purdue English Department and English 106 instructor. Linda observed a class on November 2nd of 2007 focusing on how to research for different forms of advocacy and concluding class conversation on Terry William's novel Refuge.

PDF of Observation

Professional Observation from the Spring of 2008

Compiled by Linda Haynes, the observation is over a computer class focusing on design principles found in notable movie posters of the last four decades and how those principles influence the meaning and purpose of the posters.

PDF of Observation



Student Evaluations: Fall 2007

These evaluations are anonymously conducted by Purdue's Center for Instructional Excellence.

PDF of Evaluation

Student Testimonials

The list below displays some of the positive comments students have chosen to include in their evaluations.