English 106: Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition

Division 29; Section 01

Week 1 Journal Assignments

“The Periodic Table” Response

Write a short (half page) response to “The Periodic Table” and the analysis that follows. Discuss what interested or surprised you about the critical decisions the author makes discussed in the analysis section. If there are any other aspects in regards to the essay or its construction that you want to discuss, please feel free.

Don’t spend too much time on this assignment. I’m merely interested in getting you to engage the essay and its analysis.

Due: Friday at the end of class.

Narrative about Self

Write a narrative about an important event or moment in your life. It can be happy, sad, positive or negative. Do your best to think about your audience and what they need to know in order to understand and experience the narrative they are reading.

Don’t stress about finding the perfect topic. Just pick one and start writing. The purpose is to become familiar with the narrative as a style of essay.

The narrative should be at least 2 pages but may certainly be longer.

Due: At the beginning of class on Tuesday, August 28th.