Sample Syllabi

Syllabus Approach 1:
This approach compliments the theory behind “The Working Writer” syllabus approach by introducing students to texts, compositions, and authors that are tangible and present on the Purdue campus. The semester is divided into four units: Creative Writers, Visiting Writers, Academic Writers, and Visual Rhetoricians. Each unit will be structured around the idea of reading/analyzing works by these authors, engaging with the working writers behind the texts, and then producing unique and relevant compositions.  For freshman students at Purdue, this approach calls for them to acknowledge and engage with their campus community. However, unlike the “Writing Your Way Into Purdue” approach, the focus of “The Working Writer” is on the idea of a tangible craft—presenting writers (and writing) in a way that allows students to see themselves as purposeful, working writers.

Unit 1 (Weeks 1-4) Purdue Poets and Prose Writers
Unit 2 (Weeks 5-8) Purdue Visiting Writers and Scholars
Unit 3 (Weeks 9-12) Academic Writers
Unit 4 (Weeks 13-16) Visual Rhetoric

Suggested Assignments:
Literacy Narrative
Academic Outline
Annotated Bibliography
Research Paper
Cover Art C.R.A.P.

Sample 16 Week Schedule


Syllabus Approach 2:
In contrast to Approach 1, which is constructed around four types of author accessible to students at Purdue, Approach 2 takes the discourse communities of those authors as its guiding principle.  Comprised of three units, students are asked to engage, individually and as a class, into popular culture, creative, and academic discourses.  For each unit, the class will explore each discourse through exemplary texts found in the text books and found by the students in their daily lives. Students will read treatises on writing for each genre to gain the necessary language, background, and craft concerns. Furthermore, the class, as microcosm of the discourse community, will be expected to produce work appropriate for it. The class will provide commentary for their peers’ rhetorical performances in a workshop environment where the goal is to help each participant create the best possible work, which means work well suited for, and therefore aware of, its purpose and context.

Unit 1 (Weeks 1-5): Popular Culture
Unit 2 (Weeks 6-10): Creative Literature
Unit 3 (Weeks 11-16): Academic Writing

Suggested Assignments:
Advertisement Analysis Paper
Visual Poem
Essay Deconstruction