Fall 2011 Syllabus:  (pdf)

Reference Texts:
  • T. Gombosi, Gaskinetic Theory. Cambridge University Press, 1993.
  • W. G. Vincenti, C. H. Kruger, Introduction to Physical Gas Dynamics. Krieger, 1965.
  • E.H. Kennard, Kinetic Theory of Gases: With an Introduction to Statistical Mechanics. McGraw-Hill, 1938.

  • Grading:
    Homework 40%                       Midterm 30 %                       Course Project 30%

    Homework is assigned approximately every other week.

    Fall 2010 Course Projects:
    1. James Loy,  "A Finite Volume Solver for the Gas Molecule Boltzmann Transport Equation".
    2. Marat Kulakhmetov, "Modeling Active Shock Control using Jet Impingement for a Hypersonic Re-Entry Vehicle".
    3. Paht Juangphanich, "The Effectiveness of Airfoils at Hypersonic Speeds: A Study Using the DSMC Method".
    4. Jason Stair, "Gas-Surface Reflection using DSMC".
    5. Anthony Cofer, "Design Characteristics of a Cold Ammonia Microthruster Using a Plug Annular Nozzle".
    6. Hwan Song, "Aerodynamic Regimes of Suborbital Space Vehicles".
    7. Chris Zaseck, "Side Jet Flow Interaction".
    8. Aarti Chigullapalli, "Heat Transfer Simulations Using DS2V: Application to Microchannel Devices".
    9. Rukshan Matteo Perera and Andrea Mazzurco,"Aerodynamics and Trajectory of a High-Altitude Drop Probe"
    10. Brian Clegg, "Aerodynamics of Sputnik1".
    11. Devon Parkos, "Effects of Temperature Variation on Aerodynamic Damping of a Microbeam".
    12. Constantine Hatzis, "Reproduction of the “Approach to Translational Equilibrium in a Rigid Sphere Gas”".

    Fall 2008 Course Projects:
    1. Alexis Palewicz and Tim Phillips,  "Waverider Vehicle Analysis".
    2. Ariel Muliadi and Daniel Guildenbecher, "Investigation of Aerodynamic Drag on a Sphere using
      Molecular Gas Dynamics".
    3. Ryan Tung, "Molecular Drag on a Cylinder".
    4. Casey Porta, "A Microscopic-Scale Study on Porous Media Permeability".
    5. Chii Jyh Hiu,  "Analysis of Gas Flow over an Inflatable Aeroshell/Heat Shield for a Reentry Vehicle".
    6. Arnab Ganguly,  "Temperature and Pressure Effects on the Heat Transfer in Lyophilization".
    7. Jeremy Nabeth, "Squeeze-Film Damping in MEMS".
    8. Ben Freireich, "A Review of Early Contributions to the Kinetic Theory Granular Flow (KTGF): Criticisms of the criticisms of KTGF".
    9. Andrew Weaver,  "Plume of Apollo Command Module’s Reaction Control Thrusters at High Altitudes and Hypersonic Speeds ".
    10. Dinesh Shetty, "Mixing of two scalars in a T shaped mixer".

    Fall 2007 Course Projects:
    1. Cyrill Galitzine, "Study of Normal Shock Waves with the BGK Equation".
    2. Dhruv Singh,  " Discrete Ordinates Solution of Boltzmann Transport Equation for Interfacial Heat Transfer".
    3. Chris George and Atul Kumar, "Aerodynamic Analysis of the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) in the Ionosphere".
    4. Raakesh Pankati, "DSMC Simulation of Approach to Translational Equilibrium in a Hard Sphere Gas".
    5. Sandilya Garimella, "Expansion of Ion/Gas Two Phase Flow into Vacuum".
    6. Vince Werner, "Space Environment Effects on Purdue CubeSat".
    7. Ebenezer Gnanamanickam, "Cylinder in Cross Flow at Transitional Regimes - A DSMC Study".
    8. Chandra Varanasi, "DSMC Simulations of Flow Past a Rectangular Cylinder at Various Mach, Knudsen numbers and Body Temperature".
    9. Venkat Ayyaswamy, "Application of High-Order Schemes to the BGK Model Equation".
    10. Ben Stein, "Application of DSMC for Design of Micronozzle".

    Fall 2006 Course Projects:
    1. Matt Conway, "Entropy and Changes in the Distribution Function Caused by a Shock Wave".
    2. Charlie Lew, "A Fundamental Acoustic Study Using DSMC and the Lattice-Boltzmann Method".
    3. Sruti Chigullapalli, "1D BGK Solver for Normal Shock Wave".
    4. Greg Henning, "High Altitude Hypersonic Waverider Aerodynamics Using DSMC".
    5. Kristin Gates Medlock, "DSMC Analysis for a Towed-Ballute in the Martian Atmosphere".
    6. Ernest Harris, "DSMC Modeling of Axisymmetric Nozzles'.