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Sheet Sign Instructions

Sheet sign locations on campus are provided by Alpha Phi Omega as a service to the campus. We attempt to ensure that everyone is able to post signs. Sheet signs are displayed for a week beginning Monday and ending Saturday. Please read ALL the instructions before contacting us!

Reservation Instructions

  • Requests for sheet sign space should be sent to at least a week in advance to the date you would like to request.
  • The subject line of the email should include your organization's name. In your email, please include what week you want your sign posted, which location you prefer (Pharmacy or Lily), and whether you would be interested in keeping your sign up for 2 weeks in a row if space is available.
  • If your organization's request is accepted, you will receive an email notification.
  • If there is still space available for a consecutive week by 5:00pm on Thursday, then those who expressed interest in keeping their sign up for consecutive weeks will be allowed a second week. Space for consecutive weeks cannot be guaranteed.
  • Submit your sheet sign to the Alpha Phi Omega office in Stewart Center G14 by 5:00pm the Friday before your sheet sign is scheduled. If your sheet sign is not received by then, you will lose your reservation for the week.
  • Once sheet signs are posted, we attempt to ensure that signs stay up. However we may not always be able to. In some cases signs may be brought down by wind or be vandalized. We cannot do anything about this.
  • If you would like to save your sheet sign, let us know in advance, and we will do our best to get it back to you. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to or that the sheet will be intact.
  • Due to high demand, only one sheet sign per organization a week can be used.

Sheet Specifications

  • ALL SHEET SIGNS MUST BE MADE ON TWIN SIZE SHEETS! (66 in x 99 in). Sheets of the wrong size may not be posted.
  • Please only use standard flat sheets (No fitted sheets).
  • No jersey knit sheets! Please use standard cotton sheets.
  • We suggest you use waterproof paint to prevent colors from running.
  • In order to limit wind damage, we cut holes in all signs before posting.

Sheet Sign Schedule

August 2017
Lilly 1
Lilly 2
Lilly 3
Pharmacy 1
Pharmacy 2
Pharmacy 3
08/20/2017    PSUB  
08/21/2017    PSUB  
08/22/2017    PSUB  
08/23/2017    PSUB  
08/24/2017    PSUB  
08/25/2017    PSUB  
08/26/2017    PSUB  
08/27/2017 PSUB     
08/28/2017 PSUB     
08/29/2017 PSUB     
08/30/2017 PSUB     
08/31/2017 PSUB     

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