Benjamin M. Gramig

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Ag. Economics
Purdue University
564 Krannert Bldg.













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Dept. of Agricultural Economics
Purdue University
403 W. State Street, Krannert Bldg.
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Ph: 765-494-4324
Fax: 765-494-9176
E: bgramigATpurdueDOTedu


Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, 2008
Agricultural Economics, University of Kentucky, 2004
B.S. Natural Resource Conservation & Mgt Policy, Univ. of Kentucky, 2000

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Purdue Univ., 2/08-Present
Grad Research Asst., Dept. of Agricultural Econ., Michigan State, 8/04-1/08
Research Assoc, Dept. of Agricultural Econ., Univ. of Kentucky, 2/04-7/04
Grad. Research Asst., Dept. of Agricultural Econ., Univ. of Kentucky 1/02-1/04

Consultant, Agricultural Risk Mgt Consulting, Inc., Lexington , KY, 2/04-9/04
Consultant, America’s Clean Water Foundation, 7/02
Consultant, Agricultural Risk Mgt Consulting, Inc., Lexington , KY, 9/01-1/02
Deputy Director, Governor’s Office of Ag Policy, Frankfort, KY, 2/01-9/01
Research Specialist, Governor's Office of Ag Policy, Frankfort, KY, 8/00-1/01

Reimer, A., B.M. Gramig and L.S. Prokopy. “Farmers and conservation programs: Explaining differences in Environmental Quality Incentives Program applications between states.” Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. Forthcoming.

Gramig, B.M. “Some Unaddressed Issues in Proposed Cap-and-Trade Legislation Involving Agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 94(2):360-367, 2012. [www]

Reeling, C.J. and B.M. Gramig. "A Novel Framework for Analysis of Cross-Media Environmental Effects from Agricultural Conservation Practices." Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 146(12):44-51, 2012. [www]

Gramig, B.M. and R.D. Horan, "Jointly-Determined Livestock Disease Dynamics and Decentralised Economic Behaviour." Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 55(3): 393-410, 2011. [www]

Birch, M.B.L., B.M. Gramig, W.R. Moomaw, O.C. Doering, C.J. Reeling. "Why Metrics Matter: Evaluating Policy Choices for Reactive Nitrogen in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed". Environmental Science and Technology, 45(1): 168-174, 2011. [www]

Horan, R.D., E.P. Fenichel, C.A. Wolf, and B.M. Gramig. “Managing Infectious Animal Disease Systems.” Annual Review of Resource Economics 2(1): 101-124, 2010.

Gramig, B.M., C.A. Wolf, and F. Lupi. " Understanding Adoption of Livestock Health Management Practices: The Case of Bovine Leukosis Virus". Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 58(3): 343-360, 2010. [www]

Gramig, B.M., R.D. Horan, and C.A. Wolf. "Livestock Disease Indemnity Design when Moral Hazard is Followed by Adverse Selection". American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 91(3): 627-641, 2009. [www]

Horan, R.D., J.F. Shogren, and B.M. Gramig. “Wildlife Conservation Payments to Address Habitat Fragmentation and Disease Risks.” Environment and Development Economics 13:415-439, 2008. [www]

Gramig, B.M. and C.A. Wolf. "Estimating Within-Herd Preventive Spillovers in Livestock Disease Management." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 89(5):1219-1225, 2007.

Gramig, B.M., J. R. Skees and J.R. Black. "Utilizing Contingent Claims to Improve CAFO Management." Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 36(2):297-312, 2004. 

Gramig, Tyner, Sajeev, Ji, Brouder, Volenec and Smith. 2012. "Economic Costs and Environmental Performance for Three Cellulosic Biofuel Pathways."

Gramig, B.M., J. Becker, L.S. Prokopy. 2011.  "Farmer Beliefs about Climate Change and Mechanisms to Incentivize Soil Carbon Storage."

Gramig, B.M. 2011. "An Empirical Examination of Farmer Willingness-to-Change Tillage Practices to Supply Carbon Offsets."

Becker, J. and B.M. Gramig. 2011. "Determinants of Conservation Tillage Adoption among Indiana Farmers.'

Roucan-Kane, M., B.M. Gramig, N. Olynk, and A. Gray. 2010. “How Do Agribusiness Companies Select Their Innovation Projects?: A Choice Experiment Conducted with Agribusiness Executives.”

Reeling, C.J. and B.M. Gramig. 2011. “Practical considerations for design and implementation of emissions offset contracts from working agricultural lands.”

Fahie, M.D. and B.M. Gramig. 2010. "Cap-and-Trade Policy: The Influence on Investments in CO2 Reducing Technologies in Indiana."

Dr. Gramig has secured over $8M in grants working as part of interdisciplinary teams, with direct responsibility for $701K. Active grants are listed here.

Student Research Overseen (student count=completed+in progress)

Undergraduate (1)
M.S. Graduate Advisor (5)
Graduate Committee Member: M.S. (2), Ph.D. (10)


Teaching Experience (link)

Upper-level undergraduate: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, >100 students/year

PhD agricultural economics course: Economic Dynamics

Interdisciplinary graduate course: Environmental Policy Analysis, 2009, M.S. and Ph.D. students

American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Choices, European Review of Agricultural Economics, Resource and Energy Economics, Springer Academic Publishing, Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

Teaching for Tomorrow teaching award, Purdue University, 2012
Seed for Success, Excellence in Research Award, Purdue University, 2011
Best Dissertation Award-Honorable Mention, Agricultural and Applied Economics Assn., 2009
Who's Who in Agriculture, 2009

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists


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