2017-18 BGSA Awards

Be sure to submit your award application by Thursday, March 22nd. If there are questions about awards or your submission, please email bgsa@purdue.edu with the subject line: BGSA Award Application

Scholar of the Year Scholarship Award

The scholar of the year award recognizes a member who has accomplished significant milestones in their pursuit of a higher degree. This award recognizes and celebrates our members’ contributions to their field of study for the last academic year. The honoree excels academically and continuously breaks glass ceilings to inspire current and future graduate students.

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BGSA Social Justice / Humanitarian Scholarship Award

The BGSA is committed to not only improving the lives of African-Americans but the lives of all people. To uphold this commitment, we strive to make valuable contributions to promote human welfare in addressing social, economic, environmental, racial, gender, and political issues. The honoree of this award is a graduate or professional student, who has demonstrated compassion, empathy, courage, and leadership in this area. He or she volunteers his or her time in various capacities to promote tolerance, acceptance, humanity, and dignity at Purdue University.

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Dr. Johnny E. Brown Membership Scholarship Award

Dr. Johnny E. Brown has served as a professor of Mathematics at Purdue University since 1990. He holds memberships in renowned organizations such as the American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, National Association of Mathematicians, and Association of Women in Mathematics. Dr. Brown’s exemplary commitment to teaching and students’ success in and outside the classroom has been recognized and celebrated by the Purdue community. Our organization thrives and relies on the unwavering support of our members to fulfill our mission. The Dr. Johnny E. Brown Membership Award honoree is a BGSA student who demonstrates strong commitment to all BGSA sponsored events and programs. This award recognizes a member who has worked to uphold BGSA’s status on campus and in our community at large.

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Dr. Luther S. Williams Leadership Scholarship Award

Dr. Luther S. Williams is a former graduate student and professor at Purdue University. His commendable leadership resume includes roles such as: Assistant Provost at Purdue University, Dean of the Graduate School at University of Washing in St. Louis, President at Atlanta University, Assistant Director of Education and Human Resources with the National Science Foundation, and Provost of Tuskegee University. Strong leadership is the foundation upon which BGSA is built thereby enabling us to create a community where our members can flourish academically, professionally, and socially. The Dr. Luther S. Williams Leadership Award acknowledges a member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership to his or her peers in BGSA. The recipient of this award not only leads their peers in BGSA but also takes initiative to represent BGSA to the community at large.

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Dr. Dolores Cooper Shockley Presidential Scholarship Award

The Presidential Award is in honor of Dr. Dolores Cooper Shockley. Dr. Shockley was the first African American to receive her doctoral degree from Purdue University in Pharmacology in 1955. This monumental achievement took place before the full swing of the Civil Rights Movement and decades before the women’s liberation movement. Dr. Dolores Cooper Shockley is a trailblazer and her dedication to intellectual excellence paved the way for many future Black students. This award is given with the highest admiration from the BGSA. Selected by the President of BGSA, the honoree is a paragon of excellence and is esteemed by his or her peers. The honoree is exceptionally committed to the improving our communities and most importantly is dedicated to the objectives of the Black Graduate Student Association.


BGSA New Member Spirit Award

This award recognizes a new graduate member who has shown dedication and leadership in fulfilling the objectives of the Black Graduate Student Association. He or she has embraced and assimilated greatly in the BGSA community.

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BGSA Positivity Award

This award recognizes member who is always down for the cause and is there to uplifts his or her peers’ spirits in their growing pains. This individual light up the room and is a breath of fresh air when he or she is around.

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BGSA Campus Visibility Award

This award recognizes a BGSA member is who always there to represent the African American community. He or she is typically “the only” one in various environments and flawlessly slays on our behalf.

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Engagement Award

The Engagement Award recognized organizations and/or individuals who have made a significant contribution to Diversity, Engagement, and Community Outreach at Purdue University. The individuals and/or organization must be nominated by a BGSA member to be considered. One of our main pillars is to foster a community where diversity of thought is welcomed and nurtured. The recipients of this award have made significant impact in this area and are thus celebrated.

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Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals or organizations who have made significant and sustained contributions to Black Higher Education within the State of Indiana. The individuals or organization must be nominated by a BGSA member to be considered. The honorees must have a strong commitment to equip tomorrow’s leaders of African descent with the requisite intellectual, technological, humanitarian, political, and social skills to lead their peers in creating healthy, sustainable, and enduring communities where innovation and entrepreneurship is at the forefront. Former honorees have made major contributions to the education, recruitment, and retention of African American students. They have been dedicated to educating, mentoring, nurturing black students, and as well as advocating on their behalf to foster academic and professional advancement.

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