Member of the Month – February 2018

Name: Chanel Beebe

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Bachelor’s Degree: BSE, Industrial Engineering, University of Michigan

Current Program: Engineering Education, College of Engineering

Classification: Third-year doctoral student

Congrats to our February Member of the month, Chanel Beebe! This past December, Chanel was awarded the Butler Center’s Leadership in Action Award for her demonstration of leadership with a direct effect on her work and community environments. Specifically, she was recognized for her service and leadership in various campus initiatives including serving as President of the Engineering Education Graduate Student Association, a Scholar in Residence at the Purdue Black Cultural Center’s Black Thought Collective, a Thought Leader for the National Association of Minority Engineering Program Advocates, and an Apprentice Editor for the Murmurations Journal Emergence, Equity and Education.

Interview with Chanel:

Tell us something about your research project:

As the Thought Leader for the National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Alliances, I’m responsible for the research, development, and implementation of the Cultural Hackathon – a service learning intervention designed to offer engineering students a chance to genuinely engage with the local community and engineering corporate representatives through collaborative service of community identified social problems.
As a Scholar in Residence in the Purdue Black Culture Center’s Black Thought Collective, I’m conducting qualitative research into conceptions of racial and economic displacement in industrialized American cities.
Through my RAship I received the Mechanical Engineering Diversity Transformation Award for my qualitative research into the experiences of African American engineers at Purdue University.
Lastly, my dissertation work seeks to answer the research question: How are stakeholder relationships experienced in varying in-service learning projects?
What are your favorite activities?
Writing and performing poetry, painting, doodling, dancing, making/crafting
How did you get involved with BGSA?
Rich debates in my first BGSA Callout
Finish this sentence, “The world would be a better place if…”
…people acknowledged and used their social/professional capital to mitigate cultural, economic and agricultural disparities
What’s one piece of advice you can give to fellow Black graduate students pursuing advanced degrees?
Decide your boundaries and price tag and don’t be afraid to require that they are respected.

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