It’s Election Season!

Nominations for the 2018-2019 executive board are being accepted through Friday, February 9th. To nominate yourself or a scholar, please email listing the nominee’s name, email, and position to be nominated for. All candidates will be notified of their nominations the week of February 12th. We look forward to hearing the candidates platforms during Elections at our General Body Meeting on Monday, February 26th at 6pm!

Executive Board Positions and Descriptions

President: The President shall preside over all meetings of the Association and in doing so shall be responsible for seeing that orderly parliamentary procedures are maintained. This individual should provide vision and foresight for the administration. In addition, the President shall serve as the official representative of the Black Graduate Student Association to the University.

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall preside in the absence, or the inability of the President. The Vice-President shall assist the President in any necessary duties while also ensuring the proper performance of all administrative duties, the proper operation of all committees, and the timely submission of all reports to the President and the Executive Board. The Vice-President will also be responsible for seeing that orderly parliamentary procedures are maintained.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be the chief records and communications officer of the Association. The Secretary shall be responsible for taking and maintaining the minutes of the BGSA meetings and for all correspondence among BGSA members. This individual is responsible for sending out the BGSA Weekly Announcements Email on the BGA-Chat and assisting in other necessary correspondence and duties.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the Association and shall regularly report finances to the executive board and general body during their respective meetings. The Treasurer keeps accounts, deposits the organization’s funds, and makes expenditures in a manner approved by the Business Office for Student Organizations (BOSO).

Historian: The Historian is responsible for the archived materials of BGSA that document events, meetings, gatherings, etc. This includes digital media and physical files. This individual should be present at events to take pictures and video that will be used for the signature project, the Banquet commemorative video. This video will document the year’s events and perspectives of members. You The Historian should also engage and encourage the use of social media and our hashtags #PurdueBlackScholar #PurdueBlackScholars.

Webmaster: The Webmaster’s main responsibilities include updating and maintaining the BGSA website.

Committee Chair positions:

Academic and Professional Chair: The Academic and Professional Development chair shall lead a committee that finds ways to enhance career, academic, and personal growth of the BGSA members – both in and out of the classroom. Duties also include planning and execution of the annual Candidate Rites of Passage Ceremony.

Alumni/Social Media Chair: The Alumni/Social Media chair shall lead a committee responsible for creating and fostering relationships between the Association and Purdue alums. This individual will work closely with the Fundraising Chair to create the most effective strategies for engaging alums and encouraging their financial support. In addition, this individual must maintain the active social media presence of the Association by posting pictures, videos, flyers, and statuses on BGSA’s various social media platforms, pertinent GroupMe groups, etc. The Alumni/Social Media chair will also work with the Webmaster to get advertisements out on BGSA’s website.

Banquet Chair: The Banquet Chair shall lead a committee responsible for the planning and execution of the Annual Awards & Recognition Banquet. This is a key role that will require advanced planning and organization.

Community Service Chair: The Community Service chair shall lead a committee responsible for the planning, organizing and execution of community service events for the Association. The chair ensures the chapters participation in service events on and off campus. Chair duties include maintaining a calendar of community service events, promoting and ensuring a safe and respectful environment during every service event we participate in, ensuring BGSA participation in other organizations service events, having a working knowledge of service opportunities available, maintaining a record of community service events BGSA has participated in during the year, and working along side other members of the executive board to ensure that events occur smoothly and are not in conflict with other BGSA activities.

Fundraising Chair: The Fundraising chair shall lead a committee that implements activities and projects geared towards providing funds for BGSA. This individual will work with the Treasurer to ensure the anticipated funds have been collected and deposited into the BGSA BOSO Account with the SAO (Student Activities Organization).

Membership Chair: The Membership chair shall lead a committee responsible for developing promotional and improvement strategies to increase membership and retention for the Association. Duties performed can include, but are not limited to, development and realization of a strategic marketing plan, annual comparative reporting on membership data, member surveys and/or polls, graphic design, and advertising. The membership chair is also responsible for the ordering and cataloguing of the signature BGSA T-shirt.

Social Chair: The Social chair shall lead a committee to find ways to promote interaction among members of the BGSA. The committee is responsible for securing and arranging the refreshments for general body meetings and other social events, making reservations for First Friday’s, etc.

Undergraduate Outreach Chair: The Undergraduate Outreach chair shall lead a committee responsible for planning and hosting events that are specifically tailored for undergraduates and other duties as assigned. The committee shall plan and execute the annual Grad101 event. 

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