Member Spotlight – February 2016



Name: Kara M. Keller

Hometown: LaPlace, LA (25 miles west of New Orleans…close enough!)

Bachelor’s Degree (Major & School): Mathematics, Xavier University of Louisiana

Current Program: PhD student, Statistics, College of Science


Interview with Kara

Tell us something about your research project. 

I am not currently working on a research project, but I am interested applications of statistics, specifically in quality control or improving testing methods in educational research.

 What is a cause you are passionate about?

No specific cause at this time, but I love to support missionaries, especially those who work closely with children and provide not only basic needs but educational assistance as well.

How did you get involved with BGSA?

After meeting Shavonne (past BGSA president) and other E-board members at the graduate student welcome fair, I went to the callout because I needed to see people who looked like me!! (I needed a hug, too!) That was August 2013, and I’ve been involved ever since. I love my people!

Finish this sentence, “The world would be a better place if…”

…we would love, care for, and understand each other more deeply. If everyone made their own world a little better by being more aware and deliberate, I think we’d all reap the benefits.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to fellow Black graduate students pursuing advanced degrees?

Take this time to grow and learn, not only educationally but as a person as well. (You’re basically forced to in grad school.) This is our time to explore, be challenged, and be refined. Be honest with yourself and stay true to you!