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PDF Icon Full Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Updated February 2013.
URL Icon Past/Forward Policy-Making: Transforming Chinese eEgineering Education Since the Reform and Opening-up (more info)
Paper co-authored with Qin Zhu in History of Education: Journal of the History of Education Society (2015).
URL Icon In Pursuit of the Dao in Policymaking: Toward a Cultural Approach to Understanding Engineering Education Policy in China (more info)
Paper co-authored with Qin Zhu in Technology and Society (2014).
URL Icon Developing Globally Competent Engineering Researchers: Outcomes-Based Instructional and Assessment Strategies from the IREE 2010 China Research Abroad Program (PDF)
Paper co-authored with Yating Haller and Julia Thompson in Advances in Engineering Education (2014).
URL Icon Global Engineering Competency in Context: Situations and Behaviors (PDF)
With Qin Zhu, Sang Eun Woo, Julia Thompson, and Andrea Mazzurco in Online Journal of Global Engineering Education (2014).
URL Icon The Origins and Early History of Computer Engineering in the United States (more info)
Paper published in IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (2013).
URL Icon Global and International Issues in Engineering Education (more info)
Chapter with Aditya Johri in the Cambridge Handbook of Engineering Education Research (2013).
PDF Icon Advancing Global Capacity for Engineering Education Research (AGCEER):
Relating Research to Practice, Policy and Industry
Jointly published in European Journal of Engineering Education and Journal of Engineering Education (2010).
Research Interests and Areas
• Historical and social studies of engineering and computing
• Global engineering education
• Engineering epistemologies
• Open source software and hardware
• History of embedded devices and systems
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