"The primary purpose of the Black Student Union is to serve as the political voice for the black student population, increase student involvement in social, academic, and political activities, promote unity among African American student organizations, and to facilitate communication between the black student population and the Purdue University administration."



I send the humblest greetings on behalf of the Black Student Union here at Purdue University. This year we are striving to continue the success of the 2008 - 2009 academic year.

BSU is striving to encourage our members and the larger student body collectively to challenge the norm and rise above the ordinary, and seek successes among the stars. We will continue to serve our community at least twice a month, while maintaining high scholarly averages and fostering multiculturalism. With that said, we look forward to continued service to our campus, local community, and our nation.

I strongly encourage you to become involved and take part in the numerous new and traditional BSU activities. Some of our trademarks are the Annual Lip Sync, Dodgeball Tournament, Fall and Spring semester picnics, the Annual BSU Fashion Show & Black History Month programs/events, and Black Week! In addition to our staple events, BSU will have several other new events that speak to the concerns of the present day black collegian.

I will leave you with this last remark, despite being less than 4% of the population of the university, we will be giving 100%