Josh Boyd, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Brian Lamb School of Communication

Faculty Fellow, Center for Instructional Excellence

Purdue University

100 N. University

West Lafayette, IN  47907-2098


Watch Josh’s speech at Purdue’s 2013 TEDx Talks


Josh studies corporate rhetoric, including sponsorships, advertising, public relations, and “outlaw” discourses that break the rules of discourse to get results.  He is also interested in teaching and assessing writing.


His favorite part of being a professor, though, is teaching undergraduates.


Outside the university, he presents workshops in issue management, presentation skills, and listening.





SA 10101/COM 30300:  Intercultural Communication

        (part of the London Internship Program)

COM 20400:  Critical Perspectives on Communication (online)



COM 20400:  Critical Perspectives on Communication

        MW 12:30-1:20, ARMS 1010

COM 49500:  Sports Communication

        MWF 10:30-11:20, BRNG 2275


Text Box: Josh poses here at the Museum of Natural History in London with his summer 2011 COM 303 class.  Part of Purdue’s London internship program, the Intercultural Communication class visited the museum to find examples of good and bad translation of scientific information.