Making a Difference

This is our life work.

Making a difference in the world with Christ, near and far: tutoring and mentoring children, fighting hunger, caring for the homeless, building homes for the economically challenged, doing chores for the elderly, fighting human trafficking and exploitation, caring for the environment… These are all ways we work in our community.

We can also make a difference and participate in God’s work globally. Through the Encounter program, Foundation students have opportunities to venture out beyond our community to meet with, and support the people of God who do these same things all around the world.

Foundation students also use opportunities to serve right

The Heads Up Club is an after-school tutoring program for under-served and at-risk children in our local schools. Ben Thomas, a Purdue student volunteer describes his time at Heads Up as "the highlight of my week." For Kiki, a 6th grader who just brought home her best progress report ever, Heads Up means even more.

The Food Gatherers and "Veggie Drop" program fights food insecurity by bringing fresh produce from the local Farmers Markets directly to children and families. We are also involved in Guerrilla Gardening - these are small cooperative community gardens where neighbors work and harvest food.

Lunch on Thursday is hosted by First Baptist Lafayette and served by The Buttery Shelf, a downtown Lafayette restaurant. The food is good and anyone who wants to eat is welcome. The meal is totally free!

Bread on Friday is also hosted by First Baptist Lafayette. Foundation students help out by distributing baked goods to anyone in need.

The Girls Group ministers to school age girls in West Lafayette and is focused on growing self-esteem and healthy relationships. They meet for dinner, study and conversation. Contact Shannon at for more

Winterization and Spring Blast are local mission projects where we help our senior and disabled neighbors prepare their homes for the change of seasons. Spring Blast is only a few years old and already attracts hundreds of students to help serve the greater Lafayette community.

"Justice Week" happens in the fall semester. "Stopping Traffic," our 2013 symposium, focused on human trafficking here in Lafayette and around the globe. Garrett Zambrows (Found alum and founder of "Riding Against Traffic") joined many other community leaders in sharing insights about how we can combat trafficking on a daily basis. Justice Week 2014 focused on how we, as the people of God, interact with the environment. Justice Week 2015 was about what it is Purdue is like for people of all different backgrounds and identities. Justice Week is a cooperative symposium led by The Found and The Wesley Foundation.

For more information, contact The Found on our contact page to see how you can get involved. Also be sure to checkout our Facebook page.