Fun Fact:
Exercising alone daily is something that Ben hasn't mastered - he needs a group for the added motivation.
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Why Sports?

Throughout the years, Ben has dabbled in nearly every unique sport he could get his hands on. It's an easy way to let out competitive energy, get fit, and have fun.


Crew Team

While enduring the most grueling practices he has ever experienced, Ben acheived the peak physical fitness of his life. Unfortunately, the three-hour practices six days a week affected his GPA to a point where he decided to quit after the first complete year. Click the photo for a higher resolution of this breathtaking scene on the banks of Clemson, SC.


Ben first picked up fencing sophomore year in high school under the tutelage of the Olympic trainer Maestro Stawicki. He excelled in epee, thanks primarily to his lanky, lean physique, agile footwork, and lightning-fast reflexes. Ben continued fencing for nearly two years before taking a four-year hiatus, which was recently broken in his triumphant return to the swashbucking scene.

running, woot


For three years in high school, Ben toiled on the Powerlifting Team. His final max results included benching 145 lbs (his *body* weight at the time), squatting 235 lbs, and deadlifting a not-too-shabby 325 lbs. Bottom line: he got big.


Despite his hatred for running, Ben has successfully completed two KY Derby Festival miniMarathons. His journey continues as he hopes to enter into the Chicago Half Marathon in mid-September.