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Companion's Grove Live Action Role Play, fondly know as CGLARP, is a Purdue University based Live Action Role Play Group.
We have ninja!
Photo by: Chris Jungling
Ninja: Jason Lilovich
We promote fun and excitement in activities that encourage personal acting, role-playing, and group involvement. Our live-action role-playing system combines a high-fantasy medieval world with physical encounters and combat. Our rules system and world have been completely designed and tested by the players themselves, making it a very personalized and evolving game system that improves and expands rapidly.

We allow a wide diversity of characters and backgrounds in a living world setting, which means that as your characters evolve and experience the world it will change accordingly. The choices characters make (whether to save a town or to avoid the confrontation as an example) will influence later situations (such as the town not being there when they really need somewhere to hide from bounty hunters or assassins). Players are able to evolve their characters as time continues by choosing to learn new skills and gaining class abilities. Character rewards and fame also add to certain character’s uniqueness, as well as specialization towards specific class abilities.

In our system, players actually act out their characters, in dialogue, actions, and combat. We attempt to balance these aspects so that players are able to play in the way they like to play, so there's no need for anyone to worry too much about being forced into combat too often if they don’t want to. Combat is acted out using weapons made of thick foam around a PVC core, wrapped in soft cloth padding. These are very safe when used correctly and intelligently, and all players must pass a DM evaluation when first learning how combat works before deemed ready to engage in free combat. If you already have your own weapons or wish to make your own (most players do because then they don’t have to worry about others breaking the sword they always use) they must first pass inspection by a weapons inspector. Combat is an extremely exciting and popular aspect of gameplay, but is very safe despite the realistic styles of our combat system. Most players also create their own garb to wear, though it is not required. Most combative and warrior players take the time and effort to craft some armor for their characters, which can be a time-consuming but rewarding aspect of role-playing garb.

We generally meet Saturdays between 1:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. Many members meet for lunch beforehand. During warm weather, we play at Horticulture Park out past Purdue West and during the winter months we play in and around Stewart. Changes and special locations will be announced beforehand. During the week we usually have an evening meeting to discuss game world expansion, rule changes, and club activities. We also organize trips to visit Walmart, Lowe’s, and Goodwill for costuming and other supplies. 2004 Fall Semester Callout is scheduled for September 8th, but old members usually begin meeting before then at the normal times to warm up and organize for the semester, and anyone interested is welcome to join. Also, we encourage anyone interested to check out our booth at the Activities Fair on Friday August 29th at the Purdue Memorial Union.

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