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Audio/Radio The Beatles and other bands Some City Links Electronics and science sources
England and the UK Dallas and Fort Worth Links Chile Peppers Pages HTML tools and guides
Misc interesting sites Fippen, Poole, Sparks Genealogy Libraries and Newspapers Some Linux links
Petro, Motoring, Memoriabilia Richard Feynman links Some Search Tools Some Star Trek links

Audio, Tube Amplifiers, Antique Radio:

History of KLIF, the Mighty 1190 in Dallas
PAMS of Dallas - creators of the most popular radio jingles. With RealAudio clips!
Lark In The Morning has almost any instrument in the world
The Ethnic Musical Instruments Co. Another great selection of worldwide instruments
Converting Integrated/PA Tube Amps into Guitar Amps.
Groove Tubes
HAMMOND MFG. CO. Enclosures, Transformers & Power Bars
Joel Whitburn's Record Research Books...Featuring Billboard Chart Data
KTA High End Tube Audio site
Ruby Tubes & Magic Parts (Transformers, etc)
Sovtek Tubes/Electro-Harmonix and transformers
The Ethnic Musical Instruments Co.
VIBROWORLD Transformers
Videoranch (Michael Nesmith)
Welcome to Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
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The Beatles (and other bands of the period):

The Internet Beatles Album (excellent page!)
BeatleZone Links list
Beatlemania (Includes virtual tour of Mathew Street, site of the Cavern Club)
Abbeyrd's Beatles News Page
The Roadrunners Page - a Liverpool band contemporary to the Beatles.
Bill Harry's Mersey-Beat online archives
Peter Noone (Formerly Herman of Herman's Hermits) home page (Run by Peter himself!!)
Beach Boy Brian Wilson's own Website
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City Links and places of interest

Lafayette, Indiana
Huntington, Indiana
Kansas Sights
Kansas Heritage Server
Kansas On The Net
The little town of Cedar Vale, Kansas
Seattle, Washington
Seattle's Space Needle
Portland, Oregon
Other Cities via City.Net
More destinations from
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Electronic and other Corporate Contacts:

Industrial/Electronics Suppliers

Allied Electronics online catalog
Antique Electronic Supply, for all your vintage radio/guitar amp needs
Circuit Specialists
Edmund Scientific
Fairchild Parametric Device Selector
Jameco Electronics
JDR Microdevices
Mammoth Electronics
MCM Electronics, good supplier of repair parts and audio
Mouser Electronics
National Semiconductor's downloadable IC specs in PDF format
Newark Electronics - Online Catalog
NTE Electronics - Replacement Parts Crossover
Atmel, the makers of ATMega and ATTiny microprocessors
Parallax, the makers of the Basic Stamp and other PIC processors
Texas Instruments Semiconductors

Surplus Electro/mechanical stuff

All Electronics
American Science and Surplus
Electronic Surplus Inc.
Electronic Goldmine
Marlin P. Jones Surplus
Surplus Sales of Nebraska (In Omaha)
Burden's Surplus Center of Lincoln, Nebraska
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Visit England and other parts of the U.K. (and the Republic of Ireland)

England   Wales   Scotland   Ireland
(The flags are clickable shortcuts to the desired country section)

England and the United Kingdom in General
Great Britain Travels from
London page (Lots of pics of London and more links!)
Visit the stone circles and other standing stones of Britain!
The Stone Pages (more photos of standing stones) (Great site coming from Italy)
Megalithic Mysteries
The Magical History Tour - Places associated with King Arthur
The Wiltshire Web
Mysteries and traditions surrounding the Stone Formations
The Rollright Stones homepage
Virtual London
Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
Ireland - Links
Ireland Interactive
Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board
Taste of Scotland, Scots Online, and many other links
Wales info from the University of Aberystwyth
Wales Photo Gallery---click here for a small gif of Pentre Ifan burial dolmen
More photos and info about Wales and the Welsh language
Find out about Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch,
the town in Wales with the longest name in the world.
Images of Llanfair PG (described above). See the actual town signs!
Alphabetic listing of many castles in Wales
Official Wales Tourism Page
North Wales Internet a good source of info on northern Wales.
Related articles
My First Visit to Britain
new Our Second Visit to Britain, with photos
Elstead Maps - A nice place to order your UK maps
The Universal Packing List for Travellers (big)
My essential packing list (small)
Fact Sheets on going to Great Britain
FAQ sheet on moving from the US to the UK (very informative for travellers too!)
The Internet Directory UK Many topics and businesses available from the UK
The British Monarchy official website
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Fort Worth, Dallas, and other Texas links:

The Fort Worth Zoo
Architecture in Fort Worth
Marfa, Texas: The Marfa Mystery Lights
Historic Photos in and around Fort Worth, Texas
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For Lovers of Chile Peppers and all things HOT!

Bailey Farms - facts, photos, recipes of all kinds of chiles
The Chile-Head
The Pepper Fool

HTML tutorials and tools:

NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML Sorry... It's gone. You can find cached copies on the net. Try Googling for it.
Bare Bones HTML Guide Don't let the name fool you, this is good.
Learn The Net
Advanced HTML Guide
HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials
UR* and The Names and Addresses of WWW objects
Internet Country Codes
HTML Goodies
My Free Software Page
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Misc Links

The (infamous) nerdity test
Walt Disney & Company
Live Cameras on the Net
Anagram Generator
Internet Movie Database
The Addams Family page
The Three Stooges Links
Random Silliness Page (good for us baby boomers!)
Rebel's Car Stereo

Fippen, Poole, and Sparks Genealogy

Sonya's Fippen/Phippen and Sparks genealogy research
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Libraries and Newspapers with Internet access

Allen County (Fort Wayne, Indiana) Public Library
Some Libraries with Internet access
More Libraries (Reference)
Oxford, Indiana Public Library
Fort Worth Public Library (Texas)
Huntington, Indiana Public Library
West Lafayette, Indiana Public Library
Tippecanoe County (Lafayette), Indiana Public Library
NAA Hotlinks! (Newspapers on the Web)
The London Times
The Dallas Morning News on the Web
The Lafayette (Indiana) Journal & Courier
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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Linux Links

Graphics viewers, editors, utilities and info
KDE X-windows package for UNIX-based systems
X Windows applications
Debian Linux
FreeBSD Unix system
Red Hat Linux, a popular distribution
RPM repository at
RPM repository at
Index of /pub/X/R5contrib/AIcons/icons
X-Mame video arcade home page
LinuxApps - an exhaustive list of software!
Pegasus: Linux Applications
The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
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Motoring, Petro, and Memorabilia Pages:

Blairline, makers of model train accessories, have a collection of vintage signs and photos
US Highways from US 1 to US 830, also a history of Standard Oil - By Robert Droz
Two-Lane.Com, devoted to road trips of the past. See diners, Burma Shave, Rock City, and more!
The Valiant Page - Home to all A-Bodies
Story and pictures of my 1971 Dodge Dart
Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Central (Now
Jon Roma's Road Maps Page
Primarily Petroliana Links (exhaustive list of petroleum memorabilia!)
Fort Worth Yesterday (Photos of old roadside sites around Fort Worth, Texas)
U.S.A. Yesterday (Photos of old roadside sites around the USA)
Don Sanders' American Drive-In website for his excellent book. Lots of Drive-In photos.
Twig Gravely's Lendy's Restaurants page
Twig Gravely's Kenney's Drive In page
Dodge Dart Hemi Conversion
GasSigns - A collection of gasoline station images
Gas Maps Plus - Robert Stephens' collection of map images
Classic Car Source -- Museums With Home Pages
Petrol and Oil Roadmaps from Europe by Ian Byrne
Discount Stores of the '60s
Cartalk Radio Show
Tim Thompson's Drive In Theater page
99W/Newberg Drive-In Theatre Guide
Les Cobb's History of Service Stations in California
Road Map Collectors Association
Roadside Peek, lots of good photos out west and California
Roadside America. Watch out for Muffler Men!
Road Trip America. Pictures and stories!
US Highways research and history of Standard Oil by Robert Droz.
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Richard Feynman & Tuva links:

Feynman's Nanotechnology Talk
Richard Feynman Online
Friends of Tuva (many more links are here!)
Appendix to the Space Shuttle Challenger report
Feynman's observation-Cargo Cult Science
Recent CNN article on Feynman's popularity on Internet
More Feynman Links
Some Feynman Essays
Feynman Photo Archive at Caltech
Database of all Nobel Prizewinners
The Tuva Trader Online
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WWW Search Tools:

InfoSeek Net Search Find those numbers with no name that keep calling.
Who?Where? Email search
Metacrawler - searches several databases at once!
Bigfoot - another Email search tool
Lycos (Very comprehensive)
Acronym Lookup
Another Acronym Finder
Lookup everything at
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Star Trek links:

Star Trek WWW Sites (An exhaustive list from Italy!)
My Star Trek Episode List
Star Trek Photo Page
The STArchive (excellent site!)
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Visit Linux Online

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