The link I originally put on my page for Llanfair P.G. disappeared, so in the interim I have written a short description of Llanfair P.G. I have twice been to Llanfair P.G. (as it has been humanely shortened) and it is definitely a town worth visiting. There is not much there, however. There is a railway station, sometimes in operation, a Volvo dealership, a woollen store, a couple of pubs (and mighty fine, I must add) and... well, not much else. It is a nice town and considering you're on an island and basically there's nothing else around except some ancient standing stones and even smaller towns, it's probably worth your while to visit Llanfair P.G. as long as you're visiting the isle of Anglesey.
At the Tafern Ty Gwyn in Llanfair P.G. a Welsh gent proceeded to teach me to pronounce the Welsh syllable "Llan" without spitting! You see, these are the great experiences one can have by being in such places, acting not at all cocky but being obviously foreign to the 'locals'. I believe it's the best way to travel... the local people tend to take an interest in you and either attempt to teach you their language or tell you of their local legends.

All I can say is, go there! It's practically the first stop once you cross the bridge, so you might as well stop and check it out.

A new link I've just found for Llanfair P.G.

Some photos of Llanfair PG