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The Yost Family

YOST, Jacob
Born: 01 Aug 1802 in Rockingham Co., VA;
Married: 01 Sep 1825 in Montgomery Co., OH, Rachel FOUTS (b. 07 Sep 1805 NC or TN-d. 03 Mar 1895 Pettit, Tippecanoe Co., IN; bur. Pyrmont, IN, Carroll Co., IN), dau of Peter Fouts and Catherine Younce;
Died: Aug. 1854, possibly in Perry Twp, Tippecanoe Co., IN, bur. unknown;
Parents: Anthony Yost and Catherine Brock;
Siblings: John, Anthony, Abraham, William; Magdalene (m.William GLADDEN and settled on the Wea Prairie, Tippecanoe Co.); ___ (m. _____ BOWERS); Catherine (m. ___WIKLES); ___ (m. _____. BECK);
Mary, Susannah, Elizabeth, Sarah
Children: William H., James W., Isaac P., David F., Catherine, Jacob Jr., Levi, Mary Elizabeth, John, and George W. Yost.
Occupation: farmer and distiller;
Other information: arrived in Tippecanoe County in 1839 and went to the Wea Prairie, near the Gladdens; later entered land in Carroll County, IN, but never lived there; settled in Perry Twp, Tippecanoe County, IN.

YOST, David F.
Born: 17 Jan 1832 in Preble Co., OH, ;
Married first: 22 Feb 1855 in Perry Twp.,Tippecanoe Co., IN, Mary JaneWEAVER (b. 07 Mar 1839 in Tippecanoe Co. IN-d. 07 Mar 1858, Clinton Co., IN), dau of John WEAVER and Catherine HOMER.
Married second: 24 Nov 1863 in Darke Co., OH, Sarah
WEYBRIGHT LUCAS (b. Sep 1837 in West Melton Darke Co., OH- d. 21 Mar 1877, Prymont, IN; bur. Pyrmont, IN), dau of Daniel WEYBRIGHT and Nancy KINSEY; Sarah was a widow with two children.
Died: 26 Nov 1910 in Prymont, IN;
Parents: Jacob Yost and Rachel Fouts;
Siblings: William H., James W., Isaac P.,Catherine, Jacob Jr., Levi, Mary Elizabeth, John, and George W. Yost
Children: Charles Wesley (m. Viola WARWICK), John (m. Molly LERCH); Amos (m. Myrtle WOODRUFF), David Jr. (m. Cora _____), Aaron, Rachel (m. Orley DUNK), and Nancy (m. Ed WHITE).
Occupation: farmer;
Other information:

YOST, Aaron
Born: 21 Oct. 1865, in Clinton Co, IN;
Married: 19 Oct. 1888, Rena WARWICK (b. 28 Apr. 1870 Perry Twp, Tippecanoe County, IN-d. 26 May 1930 Chicago, IL), dau of George Washington WARWICK and Catherine "Kate" BARR;
Died: 26 Feb. 1904, Perry Twp, Tippecanoe Co., IN;
Parents: David F. Yost (1832-1910) and second wife, Sarah Weybright (1837-1877);
Siblings: John and Charles Wesley (children of David and his first wife, Mary Jane Weaver), Amos, David, Rachel, and Nancy (children of David and his second wife, Sarah Weybright Lucas);
Children: Dale M., Verne W., and Lloyd A. Yost;
Occupation: farmer and teacher;
Other information: The Yost family seem to be of German origin. They are found first in Virginia, then in Ohio, and finally in Indiana. Jacob and Rachel Fouts Yost arrived in Tippecanoe County in 1839. Their son David lived in Perry Township, Tippecanoe County, and Ross Township, Clinton County. Aaron and Rena lived on the Warwick homestead in Perry Township, Tippecanoe County. Aaron died of pneumonia he contracted after helping with household chores while Rena was sick. He is supposed to have gone out, wet and sweaty from doing the family laundry, to do the outside chores in cold weather, contracted pneumonia, and died. After Aaron's early death, Rena continued to live on the farm until her sons reached college age. Then she moved into Lafayette and ran a boarding house so they could attend and graduate from Purdue University. She then returned to the homestead in Perry Township. Late in life she contracted tuberculosis. She went to live with her son Verne in Chicago and died in the Fresh Air Sanitarium there.

Sources: Obituary, Rena Yost, date and source unknown; Yost, Lloyd A., The Jacob Yost Genealogy, 1979; Yost, Lloyd A., and Verne W. Yost, A History of the Rena and Aaron Yost Family, 1980; Yost, Kenneth E., Biography of My Parents, Dale Merle Yost and Cora Gingrich Yost, 1993; Hansell, Donald W., Jacob and Maria Yost and Their Descendants, 1985.
Compiled & Submitted by: Susan Yost Clawson. Posted on Rootsweb.


David Yost in Biographical History:




Yosts in INTIPPEC posting of Lafayette Journal and Courier Index <>

My cousin, Jo Davidsmeyer, has a site with information on her grandfather, Verne Yost, here <>
(Note that Aaron Yost is of German descent, but he was born in Indiana, not Germany.) Dale Yost married Cora Gingrich; Verne Yost married Jo Balsma; Lloyd Yost married Helen Flynn.


1862 Militia enrollment, Perry twp
WARWICK, George 34 Farmer [Why exempt] None
WARWICK, Robert 35 Farmer [Why exempt] Exempt, crippled in back

YOST, David F. 29 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
YOST, Jacob 26 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
YOST, William 35 Farmer Exempt, Asst. Post Master
YOST,George 43 Blacksmith None


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