New USB Freshman Members

We are excited to have our new members joining USB for the next 3 years:

Andrew Shildmyer
Alli Healy
Conlin Durbin
Kirby Kohlmorgen


CS 252 Shell Project Wing Drop

image-03The USB hosted our 2nd annual food drop for the students taking CS252. This food drop occurs on the day of the final deadline for the students’ shell projects. The shell project is said to be the hardest project in the CS department that an undergraduate student has to complete. We offer food for the busy students while they hack away and finish their shell projects. This year we bough a student favorite, Buffalo Wild Wings!

USB Co-sponsors Coding Camp

USB co-sponsored the Coding Camp held at Purdue. The event was sponsored by Facebook, Google, Monster Energy, Detroit Venture Partners, State Farm, S+C, Exact Target, Kyk Energy and the Purdue Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. There were special talks by Exact Target employees and students of Purdue. Prizes were given out at the end of the day to the group with the best idea and product.