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USB and ACM Partner for Tutoring

USB and ACM have begun tutoring sessions that are held every Wednesday night 7:30 – 9:00PM. We have already had a couple, and so far they have had great turnouts. We provide snacks and refreshments to the students, and they provide the questions to keep us busy. The tutoring sessions are focused on CS180 and CS240, which are our introductory freshman level classes.

USB as Grace Hopper Sponsor

USB sponsored freshman Sabrina Hofmann to go to Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference in Baltimore from October 3-6. Sabrina was chosen based on her academic merit and extracurricular involvement.

CS180 Cookie Drop

Every semester, USB has a Cookie Drop for the freshman who are taking CS180. This is where we set up a table with a large amount of cookies, and then as students finish their night exam, they can swing by our table and grab a couple cookies and some milk. This year, we gave away 400 cookies and got to talk to the students about the exam, the class itself, and about their time in the CS.

USB Mixer

The Fall 2012 Mixer went very well this year. We had an attendance of around 170 people, had the Videowall up and running with Xbox Kinect, and had enough pizza for everyone. More freshman came out this year than usual, which is a great change from last year.

Corporate Partner Events Announced

The Fall CS Corporate Partner event dates have been announced. Head over to our Upcoming Events page to see what’s happening.

USB 2012 Cookout

The 2012 USB Cookout was a huge success. We purchased 150 hamburger patties, 50 vegan burgers, and 150 hot dogs, and we ran out of the food within a few hours. This is an event we do every year, and the turnout has never been this large. It was a great way to end the school year and begin the summer.

Thank you to the sponsors of the Purdue CS T-Shirt.

We would like to say thank you to all of the companies who donated to help make our CS T-shirts a possibility. The kids love them. The shirts will be passed out to incoming freshman and some of the freshman classes. The sponsors of the T-Shirt include:

- Cisco
- FactSet
- Google
- Interactive Intelligence
- Raytheon
- Nielsen
- State Farm
- Sandia National Laboratories
- Aprimo

A few pictures of the shirts are below.