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A Purdue University Cooperative



Women’s Recruitment is divided into two parts: Formal Recruitment and Informal Recruitment. Dresses, skirts, or suits are acceptable attire for Formal Recruitment. Formal Recruitment is held on two different weekends in February. However, you only attend one weekend. Choose the weekend that fits your schedule. Recruits meet in Armstrong 1010 where recruitment groups will be assigned. Chauffeures will be provided throughout the day from house to house, as are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Women get the opportunity to tour each house in groups and meet the active members. Parents are welcome to attend Recruitment with their child or be placed in a separate group if so desired.

Within the next two weeks, Recruits will receive invitations from individual houses to attend the second round of recruitment, Informal Recruitment. Women may only attend Informal Recruitment for the houses that they receive invitations back to. Dress for Informal Recruitment should be more casual such as slacks or skirts. Each house will have a theme for Informal Recruitment with decorations and activities planned accordingly.

At the end of the second round, Recruits receive rank cards. Recruits are to rank the houses in which they would like to live. Recruits must attend both Formal and Informal Recruitment to be eligible for a bid. Within two weeks the house that chooses the Recruit to become a new member will contact her. If a Recruit is selected to receive a bid, the Recruit will only be contacted by one house. At the time she can accept the bid to live in that cooperative house.