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About This Site and Its Creator

The Purpose of This Website

This site is intended to recount, from an impartial perspective, the details and the course of the former competition between two older video game systems. Part of its purpose is to provide individuals who used to play these systems (or still do) with information that will bring back fond memories or reveal things they hadn't known. Another reason for its existence is to provide information to those who are researching video game history, and yet another reason is to point out facts that may influence those planning on buying old game systems.

This site is not intended as a fully comprehensive source for info on these two systems; for more in-depth information, it is recommended that one visit the numerous external sources listed on the Sources page.

The Webmaster

My name is Grant Herring. I am a 23-year-old student at Purdue University. I have been fascinated with video games since childhood, and I am currently working toward becoming a professional video game designer. My interest in gaming is, not surprisingly, the reason for my choice to create this website; the fact that I am heavily into "retro" gaming, given that I was a kid at the time when the Super NES and Genesis were at the height of their popularity, served to help narrow my focus to that period in gaming history.

I myself am predominantly a Nintendo fan, and in fact I have never owned a Sega Genesis, though I do own a Super NES (the SNS-101 model, specifically). However, I have certainly played games on Genesis many times before, and I have long considered the system to be a worthy competitor to the Super NES. I am a big fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog games from the Genesis era, having acquired ports of them on systems that I own; however, I would still call Super Mario my favorite series.

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