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Sega Genesis Miscellaneous Info

There are numerous different versions of the Genesis console, many of them licensed but not designed by Sega. Three of the most well-known models, created by Sega itself, were released at different points in its lifespan.

The original model (MK-1601) is the largest, with a wide, rectangular shape. Unlike the subsequent versions, it features a headphone jack with adjustable volume. The second model (MK-1631), released later and often referred to as the Genesis 2, has a square shape, different control placement, and no headphone jack; its original cost was less than that of the original. The last of these official iterations to be released was the Genesis 3 (MK-1641), which is both tiny in size and extremely inexpensive compared to the previous models. It lacks both a headphone jack and an expansion port for add-ons, so the Sega CD and the 32X cannot be used with it, but due to the shape of its cartridge slot, the NA version is able to run Japanese games.

From left to right below are the original Genesis, the Genesis 2, and the Genesis 3.

Genesis models

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