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Sega Genesis Tech Specs

The Genesis features a much faster processor than the Super NES does, but overall much lower specs related to color and graphics. One of its sound chips serves as a synthesizer, putting it above the Super NES in that respect, since the latter is only able to play sampled sound. However, the Super NES can play sampled sound in better quality. The Genesis has built-in backward compatibility with its relatively obscure predecessor, the Sega Master System, although this is only available if the Sega Power Base Converter accessory is used to connect Master System cartridges to the Genesis.

Below is a brief list of technical specifications for the Super NES. To view a side-by-side comparison between the Super NES specs and the Genesis specs, see the Comparison page.

CPU (Processor): Motorola 68000
    Speed: 7.67 MHz
    Bits: 16
RAM: 64 KB
Internal ROM: 1 MB (later model(s))
Sound processor: Zilog Z80
    Bits: 8
    Sound RAM: 8 KB
Sound chips: Yamaha YM2612 FM chip (synthesizer)
Texas Instruments SN76489 PSG chip
Audio: 6 channels, stereo
Colors possible: 512 (flickering allows appearance of more)
Simult. colors possible: 64
Onscreen planes: 2 scrolling layers, 1 sprite layer, 1 window plane
Maximum simult. sprites: 80
Maximum sprite size: 32x32
Display resolution: 320x224
Headphone output: Yes, with volume control (original model only)
Backward compatibility: Built-in Sega Master System compatibility, usable via adapter
Expandable functionality: Sega CD peripheral (higher sound quality, CD playback, full-motion video)
Sega 32X peripheral (32 bits, high color)

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