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Super Nintendo Accessories

Like all video game systems, the SNES has basic peripherals such as controllers. It also has a few interesting add-ons for use with specific games. A few relatively well-known accessories are listed below.

Super NES Controllers

SNES Controllers

At least one controller was generally packaged with the console, and unless a third-party multitap accessory is used, up to two controllers can be used simultaneously. The ordinary controllers for the Super NES all share the same basic design, even though the console itself has different case designs for different regions. The controllers all have a plus-shaped "Control Pad" on the left for directional movement, two thin buttons in the middle labeled "Start" and "Select," four round buttons on the right labeled A, B, X, and Y, and two buttons on the top labeled L and R. The North American controller design does differ slightly from the Japanese and European one: the logo, the coloration, and the shape of the X and Y buttons were changed for the NA release. On the left in the image is the North American controller, and on the right is the European controller.

Super Scope

Super Scope

The Super Scope is a wireless light gun accessory usable with a select few games on the Super NES. It uses infrared technology and requires 6 AA batteries. It has two buttons on top of it, one for firing and the other for in-game pausing. Another button ("Cursor") is found on the front grip of the gun. The receiver for the infrared signals plugs into the second controller port on the system. Having been designed in an era when cathode ray tubes were the standard for television screens, it is designed only to work with CRTs.

Super NES Mouse

SNES Mouse

This accessory is simply a two-button mouse with the ability to connect to a Super NES. It plugs into the second controller port. It was released along with the art game Mario Paint, with a solid, gray mouse pad included. A number of games include Super NES Mouse support, but many of these games are obscure and/or only available in Japan.

Super Game Boy

Super Game Boy

This interesting peripheral makes the Super NES backward-compatible with games from Nintendo's 8-bit Game Boy handheld game system. The Super Game Boy plugs into the cartridge slot in the top of the Super NES, and Game Boy cartridges, in turn, plug into the Super Game Boy. Certain games played on the Super Game Boy often reveal surprising extra features, such as full-color scenes (the original Game Boy was monochrome), high-quality sound effects, and other things not possible on the 8-bit Game Boy hardware.

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