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Super Nintendo Miscellaneous Info

The Super NES was released in various forms, depending on region and time period. The original Japanese model, called the Super Famicom, has a case which is rounded at the corners and different shades of gray in color. This same case is used on the European model as well. However, the North American model is completely different in appearance, with a more rectangular shape and purple/gray coloration. The two models also have different slot shapes corresponding to the different game cartridge designs between regions.

A newer, smaller model of the Super NES, known as the SNS-101 was released in 1997, towards the end of the system's lifespan. Its price was significantly lower than it had been earlier. The SNS-101 takes up less space, but is downgraded in some respects. It lacks some of the video output options of the original Super NES; one notable limitation was its inability to release RF output without the use of a Nintendo 64 RF converter. It also has no Eject button and no power light. A very similar model, known as the Super Famicom Jr., was released in Japan shortly after the SNS-101's NA release. Neither of these newer models was released in Europe.

From left to right below are the Japanese Super Famicom, the regular North American Super NES, and the SNS-101.

SNES models

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