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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as the Super Famicom (in Japan), the Super Nintendo, the Super NES, or simply the SNES, is a 16-bit home video game system made by the Nintendo company. It was created as a direct successor to Nintendo's first home console, the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which had been highly popular since its original release in 1983. The Super NES was released in numerous regions - most notably in Japan, North America, and Europe - within the span of 1990-93.

Although naturally it is far behind modern video game systems in power and technological capability (it was released well before the 3D era of gaming), the Super NES is still said by many to rank among the greatest systems in video game history. This opinion stems in part from the fact that the Super NES has had numerous memorable games released for it, including ones that started or continued excellent game franchises (e.g., Mario, Donkey Kong, and Star Fox). The Super NES also had impressive technical specs for its time (although it was outdone in some respects by its primary rival, the Sega Genesis), and it was supported by diligent advertising. Many refer to the fourth generation of gaming, in which the Super NES figured prominently, as the "golden age of gaming."

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