Thinking about picking up a major or minor in Philosophy? Good Idea!

Editorial Note: I recall well that even if you are attracted to philosophy for the sorts of timeless intellectual reasons that Bertrand Russell pointed to a century ago, it is not always obvious what you can do with a degree in philosophy after you graduate. For this same reason, it can also be difficult to justify picking up a philosophy major (or minor) to practical minded parents who are unfamiliar with the subject. This is true even in the best of economic times, and especially if those parents are helping foot the college bill, and have trouble seeing philosophy's worth or do not yet understand its genuine concrete benefits. Some of the links here talk about philosophy and its practical virtues in a way that can help alleviate these kinds of concerns and reassure worried parents. - DRK

• Best Majors for GRE Scores in 2014? Philosophy Still Dominates. Philosophy had a similarly strong showing in 2013 and 2012; check out this nice graph that breaks the 2012 numbers down by Verbal/Quantitative/Analytic Writing. Also note that this is just the most recent instance of a long standing trend of correlation between majoring in philosophy and performing well on a range of important standardized tests, including the GRE, GMAT and LSAT.

• An informative article that discusses what past philosophy majors from Purdue have gone on to do with their degrees, as well as some other benefits of studying philosophy, published in Purdue CLA's THINK Magazine.

Yahoo Finance resports that a philosophy degree earns more than an accounting degree.

• An article in which people in the military explain Why Air Force Cadets Ought to Study Philosophy.

• Philosophy recently came in 49th of 207 majors (and first among the humanities) ranked in terms of future earning potential.

• A very nicely done poster of famous people who were philosophy majors or minors put together by Catherine Nolan, a philosophy graduate student at SUNY Buffalo.

• Famous philosophy majors and the wide variety of careers at which they've succeeded, including 9 famous business executives.

• An article in  The Huffington Post about the unexpected way philosophy majors are changing the world of business.

• A short article in The Denver Post arguing that philosophy prepares you for a variety of different career paths.

• A short article in The Atlantic arguing that philosophy might be, surprisingly, the most practical major.

• Want a successful career in technology? Study philosophy, recommends google's Damon Horowitz.

Best Undergrad College Degrees By Salary (circa 2008); not too shabby.

Philosophy is Back in Business, an article singing the praises of a philosophy degree published in Business Week, of all places.

• An article in Harper's, written by the founder of a consulting firm, arguing that if you want to succeed (even in business), don't get an M.B.A., rather study philosophy.

• An article in The Guardian, entitled "I think, therefore I earn" with some answers to the question, "A philosophy major? What are you gonna do with that?".

• Get information on Purdue's course requirements for a major or minor degree in philosophy here.

• Get information on the Purdue Undergraduate Philosophy Society here and here.