Part of the weekly homework assignment is to done in ExpertTA and part will be done on paper and handed in. The paper HW problem is listed below.

Both are due on Fridays at 5 pm. The paper homework is to be deposited in the PHYS 233 drop slot across from PHYS 154.

You are encouraged to work on these with classmates. We suggest using the Help Center for PHYS 233 (PHYS 12). (See HOME page for schedule.)

You have to write up your solutions independently. Be careful: If two or more submitted answers are essentially identical, neither will receive credit. The quality of the presentation will be considered in the score as well as the quality of the solution.

You are probably wondering how much work to put into one of these hand-graded problems. Here is a "sample" problem that was created, solved, and graded just to show you what we have in mind: Sample HW Problem. This will show you what we are look for when we grade your work.

It is primarily your responsibility to figure out what you might have done wrong when you get your graded paper HW problems back. If you need help, however, just bring it to the Help Center and discuss it with a TA.

Due date

ExpertTA HW
(due at 5 PM)

Paper HW
(also due at 5 PM)
Aug 31
HW 01
ExpertTA Homework #1

Sensing molecular signals

Sep 7
HW 02
ExpertTA Homework #2 Changing the axis on the grand jété
Sep 14
HW 03
ExpertTA Homework #3

Moving through a cell

Sep 21
HW 04
ExpertTA Homework #4

Pushing a carriage

Sep 28
HW 05
ExpertTA Homework #5 Force on a woodpecker
Oct 5
HW 06a
ExperTA Homework #6a
Oct 12
HW 06b
ExpertTA Homework #6b PIP2
Oct 19
HW 07
ExpertTA Homework #7 Trap-jaw ants
Oct 26
HW 08
ExpertTA Homework #8 Random vs coherent motion (Listeria)
Nov 9
HW 09
ExpertTA Homework #9

PhET Under Pressure

Nov 16
HW 10

ExpertTA Homework #10 What's conserved?

Nov 30
HW 11

ExpertTA Homework #11 Gauss gun representations

Edited by S. M. Durbin August 2018